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New "Duolingo", French

It is so much worse!!! Why on earth did you change the French course? I have lost my enthusiasm completely, when there are no goals to be reached, just hundreds of exercises.

April 22, 2018



I'm actually pretty impressed. They expanded the tree, and while a lot of it seems repetitive and redundant, it's better than other courses here. Some of the new sections they put in, like technology, are well done, with lots of new nomenclature that's current and relevant.

I can say that compared to other languages, there's more vocabulary, more food choices (I'm a foodie), and more lessons. I think the French team did a bang up job.

Don't give up. There's a lot of good stuff in the French tree. If you finish the tree you'll have a good foundation for French.


Thanks Seattle_scott! I shared your comment with the other contributors. :-) I know they have put an incredible amount of time and care into the new tree.


The course has been improved with more lessons -- unfortunately they introduced this awful crown system at the same time that makes the workload enormous.


You can tailor the repetition to suit your needs. There is no need to get to level 5 before moving onto a new skill, and in fact that would be rather boring.


For me it is about learning French. I think the new form goes into more detail and repeats it more to ensure that you learn it properly. [I did get to my owl at the bottom and all shiny so had reached the limit of the previous tree other than practice so it is good for me that new material was added.] I can't wait for the A/B test extras to be added to the tree as my son has it and there are many new good subjects that look interesting. I do agree that some form of goals helps though, perhaps you could make targets for the crowns. Keep up the good work.


Hi Eija944098,

do you talk about the Crowns: new system of evaluation, the new presentation/organization of the tree, which is not specific to the French course (and which is a change by Duo staff)?
Or do you talk about the content change (new units, new words, etc.) which is specific to the French course (and which is a change by volunteers)?


I've thought about this a lot, as I have now had my Spanish tree modified, which included losing the gold owl and lots of crowns. It's a reset. So after having gone through a reset with the crown system, a reset with the new french tree, and a reset with the spanish tree, I've come to figure out what bothers me.

Even though I really don't care about the crowns and levels and such, the entire Duo learning system is based on the gamification of learning. So when you see a tree that has early lessons undone, it's a natural desire to go back and do those lessons, to regain that owl, to re-guild the tree. Even if you don't care, the SW has been designed to motivate with the rewards of gamification - i.e. gems and lingots (that you can't use), crowns (that may at some point be taken away randomly), golden trees (undone with new trees), and owls (randomly removed with new trees).

So it's not so much that I care about the digital rewards, but randomly handing them out then taking them away is psychologically contrary to the very thing that was designed to motivate. It's like giving a monkey a chocolate every time they ring a bell, then every tenth time just randomly taking it away and giving him a small shock. In that sense I think Duo needs to decide if its strategy to motivate is the gamification model or not, but currently the rip and replace model is contrary to the gamification strategy.

Now I'm trying to train myself to go to the end of the tree and work my way backwards, because redoing basic lessons isn't going to help much at some point. It would be helpful if users could choose to reverse the tree, so you see it from the top down, that way if your tree has been reset again and again, you at least don't have to scroll past all those unfinished lessons to get to the ones you want.

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