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How Can I Memorize Bible Verses in French?

How can I memorize Bible verses in French? I am having deep trouble in doing so, especially understanding the verse. Help?

April 22, 2018



Go to the "Unbound Bible" website (http://unbound.biola.edu/)
It lets you search for words or verses in many Bibles simultaneously. It has the Darby version in English and French. You will have an easier time of it if you use the same version in both languages rather than King James in English and something super modern in French. So pick the Darby English Bible and the Darby French Bible. You can select a book, such as Genesis - you don't have to put in a specific word. If you just select Genesis you'll get the whole book of Genesis side by side.

You can also use the ReadLang plug-in for Chrome to help you understand the French. Their web page is at http://readlang.com/ but you can also install it directly from Chrome by clicking the three dots at top right, then "More Tools" then "Extensions". ReadLang lets you double-click a word and it will translate that word for you right on the screen. You can make flashcards and do a lot of other stuff with ReadLang, too. It's a great tool for any language learner.

Here's a screen shot of Genesis in English and French on the Unbound Bible page, with a word highlighted and translated by ReadLang:



You're welcome! Happy to help :)


That will help with memorization. Working on the Scriptures or using it in your lessons makes you learn better and faster.


I'm guessing you probably just need to learn more French, but if you'd like, post a verse that's giving you trouble and we can see what the problem is.


Ok thanks. I don't have a specific verse in mind. But, I am having trouble with Hebrew cultural words.


Also you could start with the new testament gospels, the conversations between Jesus and the people are generally easier to understand :)


Another resource is biblehub.com. Here is their French page. http://saintebible.com/mar/genesis/1.htm


There might be the books of the bible in French on duolingo's tinicards.

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