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Stop the mistakes!!!!

There are sooo many mistakes in the new system. I’m sick of being marked wrong for mistakes I didn’t make, losing health and taking way more time. I’ve completely given up learning German and Italian. Just don’t have the time!

April 22, 2018



It is really about the health. I understand how difficult it is to have all of the correct answers for every question - but it becomes frustrating when you lose health.

The topic should be Stay Healthy - Stop the loss of Health


Health and Crowns do not seem to mix well. Health is an A/B test - I don't have it on my iOS device (thank goodness!).

You can use the website instead of the app, or you could try this and see if it is useful: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002594392-Since-Crowns-were-launched-can-I-still-earn-Health-by-practicing-


Health should have been eliminated months ago. It is just awful.


I agree. Today I did masses of lessons trying to build up the early Crowns. I was stopped through lack of health. I am not happy with this. Do you think the health limit should increase with the more work you do in a session?


At the very least they should increase the number of health bars to make it practicable. 10 or 15 would remove a lot of the frustration form most users I suspect?


Since the crowns I've gone to using the web version where you don't lose health. Since doing that I've come to like the new crown system and the additional content a lot. But seriously, Duo should consider losing the health thing on iOS. It's really demotivating.


I'd recommend reporting or asking about those specific mistakes in the forums for German and Italian, so a contributor could confirm that the fault is on Duolingo's part or they could tell you why it is actually supposed to be marked wrong. Good luck with your studies.


Do you think I should make a new post for each suggestion or just use this one.


It is advisable in what this issue is about, to not make a separate post for each individual issue you come across. However to do as per the advice below: :

  1. Report problems with a particular sentence, when you are in that sentence. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204752124-How-do-I-report-a-problem-with-a-sentence-or-translation-
  2. If you have an issue with a particular course, to report that in the relevant forum for that course . i.e. please read : https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204752064-How-do-I-report-an-issue-with-the-course-

  3. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-


OK I haven’t seen some of these options before. Probably because they are on PC. I use mostly my iPhone.


I have lost the app on my phone and it has worked wonders for my health!


Yes, I agree, "1 arbre" as the correct answer and "l'arbre" marked as wrong!!! Also same question three times in one test!!


that's awful! I see what you mean.


So sorry, but they are completely different. One tree and The tree.


Angela I has posted again. The question/picture was "the tree". The only answer it would accept was "1 arbe". it has now come up again but has been corrected to "l'arbe". It was clearly a typo in the answer. So I'm happy that it has been corrected but still find numerous errors annoying - especially losing health because of them. Especially just recently where answers in English are not accepted only answers in American English. For example we English use "bath(s)" , but some answers only work with "bathtub(s)". Which hasn't been used in the UK since the 18 century. Similarly lots of issues with "pants" and "trousers" - between English and American English.


Thank you for letting me know. I get fed up with losing health because of them. I have started using the web version as well as IPad as there does not seem to be any health problems.

I agree with the American English problem. My main language is Spanish and I had finished the tree a couple of months ago, and was deemed to be 60+ fluent. I am currently in Spain and nobody will listen to my Spanish - they all want to try out their English. However, I am constantly told to have a nice day,!


No problem, I should have been clearer with the question. I tried to learn German for two years whilst living in Zurich and failed for the exact same reason as your present difficulties. Many Swiss wouldn't speak German to me as they said that theirs wasn't good enough! I'd go into a shop and ask for something only for the shop assistant to reply in English and want to practice themselves. I also found that the conversations were really short if I persevered in German as they lost interest.


Tell them you are Armenian. Then they'll have to speak to you in Spanish! :-)


I look too English!


I think you're safe because not many people know what Armenians look like and I think it's a great idea


I live in Toronto Ontario Canada. We have 140 language groups and a large newcomer population. I think they must brainwash all ESL students with this 'Have a Nice day' nonsense. I feel sorry for them because they have obviously not been advised of the correct context in which that over used phrase is appropriate.


The question was "The Tree". The correct answer for which is "l'arbe". The only answer it would accept was "1 arbe" , not "one arbe", but the numeral "1" That is clearly a mistake in the answer.


I apologise. I misunderstood


I feel that the heath is intact not very helpful what so every, as both a Laptop User and a mobile user I think it is terrible. The best thing to do is do write an email or go to the duolingo support where I'm sure they would be happy to help. Most importantly stay determined with your language!


I understand what you mean. I am learning Spanish but I get marked wrong all the time for things that should be accepted as correct. Usually they are very insignificant words and yes, I am also getting a little sick of it. In fact, today, I changed my settings to casual learner. I will still be using Duolingo but I will be encompassing more apps to broaden my learning experience and Duolingo definitely has its shortcomings. It has helped me a great deal though, but they need to tweak things.


It is such a shame it has. One to this and it appears they just don’t want them know.


Such a shame. Are you in a club? I find the mild competition, and the friendliness between members really helpful. I am in Don Quixote.


Just report any errors you find and I'm sure they'll get fixed.


I am doing that but that doesn’t improve my health. Had made me stop Italian because I don’t have the time now.

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