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Basics 1- Level 5

I was a bit confused when the new system appeared but finally got into the flow after a day or so., My question concerns the levels and the number of lessons. I was bouncing back and forth and doing a lesson at one level and then going to another level and doing a few lessons . I decided to finish level 1. When I finished level 4 I expected to see the number of lessons to do for level 5 but what it showed was 48 of 48 lessons completed. I didn't do any level 5 lessons. What am I missing here?

Also, why are the grammar tips no longer shown?

Thank you

April 22, 2018



The tips and hints are now hidden. You need to click on the light bulb to see them (next to start)

I have a Level 5 Crown on Basics 1 and it shows that I have completed 48/48 lessons. My guess is that you have already reached Level 5.

The pop up box reflects the level you have completed, not the level you are working on. I think it is confusing.


After you finish level 4, it turns gold and you get the level 5 crown. There are no lessons for level 5 but you can continue to practice that skill or used timed practice.

There are icons for the skills that have grammar tips. You click on the icon to get the details.


The number of lessons to the right of the level indicates the number of practices left/needed before leveling up.

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