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"You can look for that on the Internet."

Translation:Tu peux chercher ça sur Internet.

April 22, 2018



Pourqui pas "sur l'Internet"?


In French, the noun "Internet" is used as a registered trade mark or proper name, unless it is used as an invariable adjective (no feminine, no plural forms), in which case it is not capitalized: "une connexion internet".


why ""that"" in this case can't be ""le"" or ""y"" or ""en""?


It could be "le/la", but the English sentence has "that", which is best translated to "cela/ça".

"y" cannot be used, because you would need it to mean "there" or "à + object" with a verb constructed with "à".

"en" cannot be used either, because you would need a construction with "du/de la" or "des":

  • (speaking of the Internet) Tu peux y trouver des informations = you can find information there.
  • (speaking of the information) Tu peux en trouver sur Internet = you can find some on the Internet.


That is a good explanation! Hope I can work with it. Many thanks to you Sitesurf!

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I put "vous pouvez cherchez" and it gave the corrected form as "vous pouvez chercher". Isn't "vous" the subject? If so, why doesn't it match? Maybe "vous pouvez" becomes the subject?


"Vous" already has its conjugated verb "pouvez". The second verb can only be added in its infinitive form.


Why not: Tu peux ça chercher..?


Only personal pronouns are placed before the verb they are objects of.


my answer is exactly what you have written. I can't change it to be any better. what else can I type, what else can I do to produce a better answer?


Did you report this during the exercise?


Why is "l'internet" wrong in this sentence?


Why don't you read the beginning of this discussion?

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