I am also using google translate, to help me put sentences together like the ones i actually need at this moment in time, which actually is a good help as well.

April 23, 2018


Google Translate is good for entering sentences from other languages and reading them in English so that you can figure out what something means. But the translations are somewhat literal and often times result in awkward sentences that do not sound fluent because online translators do not have logic to form the sentences in the best-sounding way. That's why using it for translating something into English is not a bad idea, because you will be able to comprehend the information you are receiving - because you are a native speaker of this language.

Thank you for your input, it was very interesting

Hello, but what do you want? I didn't understand you. If you want to practice Spanish (I'm native) and you can help me to study English. Regards
  • 1638 will give you translations from three different sources.

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