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"That's not nice!"

Translation:To není hezké!

April 23, 2018



To není hodné ! Is this also possible?


no, hodný is an adjective describing a person or an animal. Or an act (but not phrased like this). Alternatively, it can mean "hodný něčeho"="worthy of something" chvályhodný=praiseworthy.

Archaically, hodně (as an adverb) can also mean duly, properly. Rarely and archaically hodný can also mean due, proper but it certainly cannot be used here. I now survives in the nominal form "hoden".


So "hezke" here can not be turned into other genders? Hezky(a) because is part of an expression, and is always the same? Why did it choose -e neuter? just a standard expression like "To je ono"?


To really requires a neuter adjective in the predicate.

You would need a noun for different genders. To není hezký kluk. To není hezká žena. To není hezké dítě.

If you are pointing at a male person, you can say: Ten není hezký. A female person: Ta není hezká.

But for some generic "it", you must use the neuter gender: To není hezké.


Just to add: you can even point at objects and you'll adjust the gender to match.

Pointing at a flower, "kytka" - feminine: Ta není hezká.

Pointing at a table, "stůl" - masculine: Ten není hezký.

Pointing at a car, "auto" - neuter: To není hezké.

Not pointing at anything defaults to the neuter-gendered "to".

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