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  5. "이 메뉴는 사진이 없어요."

" 메뉴는 사진이 없어요."

Translation:There are no pictures in this menu.

April 23, 2018



Shouldn't it be '메뉴에서' inspite of '메뉴는'? Please correct me if I am wrong.


"This menu has no pictures" is probably a more direct translation. With "메뉴는" the menu is the actor which has no pictures.

"메뉴에서" would be equivalent to 'from/at the menu." I think it doesn't work here.


there are same meaning . 메뉴 = 메뉴판 i think '메뉴판' is more natural. and here is one more sentence or idiom for you! "메뉴판좀 주세요~" = can i get a menu?"


Agreed. This should be changed to 메뉴판 because in Korea 메뉴 is used to refer to a dish (entree) and not the menu.


I can not say which is wrong, cuz those sentences can make and can be any correct sentence. but in this moment,, To be correct answer it needs more description add more sentence. like "이 메뉴에서 사진이 없어요, 나는 음식 사진을 보고 주문을 하고 싶어요." = There are no pictures in the menu, i want to order with foods pictures.


I'll let a native answer this question, as I'm interested in it too. I think both can be right (as long as you use 에 instead of 에서). Either the menu has no pictures or there are no pictures on the menu. Also, I think one can use the topic particle 는 in lieu of or in addition to 에 when one wants to emphasize location.

In the meanwhile, I'll leave this link that seems to suggest that in any case, it'd be -에 rather than -에서 for this specific use case of 없다.


"This menu doesn't have pictures." Think of it this way.


Think the translation should be changed to 메뉴판, in Korea 메뉴 usually refers to a dish.


Really? Which kind of dish?


not korean, but english : why do we say "there are no pictures in this menu" instead of "there is no pictrure in this menu"?


Because menus have more than one picture so you have to use the plural form


There are no pictures in this menu (implying other menu may have pictures)

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