"Jeden manžel úplně stačí."

Translation:One husband is entirely enough.

April 23, 2018

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I think "One husband is plenty" would actually be a more fitting English translation, although it might not be grammatically correct English, this is how I have heard it say


Agree..the given translation sounds a bit weird. Maybe "One husband is more than enough" might also give the meaning of the sentence.


I would guess that the meaning would be different and there is a direct Czech translation for that (víc než dost).


Yes, or one husband is definitely enough. You would never say entirely enough in English - I think because enough means entirely already, if you see what I mean!


Usage rates would appear to disagree.


Possibly around 1830, but not in modern usage. It would never be used in that context in modern English.


I put more than enough and it was marked wrong. Enirely enough does sound like a less proper english translation of the given sentence to me.


Native English speaker here. One husband is more than enough implies that no husband would be better. One husband is entirely enough implies that any more than one would be too many.

I do agree, however, that the sentence sounds weird and would be unlikely to be heard. More common would be: One husband is plenty or simply One husband is enough

It feels as though the sentence is constructed so that we can revise what úplně means...


more than enough is even more than that, "je víc než dost"


I understand what you mean can follow the back translation. yet the english must make a proper syntax aswell and more than enough sound to me mote natural than entirely enough, that sounds unnatural, though I admit i am not native speaker in english.


You can use a lot of synonyms here: perfectly/entirely/completely/totally/quite/absolutely/fully enough/sufficient - all of these are accepted.

"More than enough" (víc než dost) is a bit too strong compared to "quite enough", isn't it? "More than enough" sounds like one husband is too much, that you can't handle it.


I believe that, of the possibilities given here by AngusOnias, "quite enough" would be the best.


Thanks, BrainSilly ;-)


"entirely enough" sounds very strange. I guess I'd rather say "One husband is definitely enough", but that was not accepted.


"Definitely" would more likely be určitě. "Entirely enough" is fine (native AmE).

For the benefit of others, even in English there is a difference between "definitely" and "entirely." "Definitely" is more like "certainly," while "entirely" is more like "completely / thoroughly / on the whole."


Can I say 'Jeden manžel úplně dost'?


Nope. There is a verb missing in your sentence. We accept Jeden manžel je úplně dost. but it's sub-optimal. Stick with the main translation shown above.


One husband is really enough, should also be an acceptable translation


That is "Jeden manžel opravdu stačí."


Where is the verb of the sentence?


Staci, coming from Stacit (with an accent on the c) is to be enough, so that is the verb here.

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