"They sell powdered spices."

Translation:Ils vendent des épices en poudre.

April 23, 2018

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Is that really how "poudre" is pronounced? It sounds painful.


If you ever have a question about pronunciation, I recommend that you check out this site: https://forvo.com/search/poudre/. You can hear various native speakers pronounce the words, both alone and in a sentence.


ok i don't understand why not "en poudres". isn't the adjective supposed to be plural following the noun?


When you have en + a material describing what the noun is made of, the material is invariable.

Here are some examples:
des œufs en chocolat / chocolate eggs
des assiettes en carton / paper plates
un ours en peluche / a plush teddy bear
une écharpe en soie / a silk scarf


In English it would be "spices in powder (form)", not spices in powders (form)".

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