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Hi dear fellows After resuming to DUOLINGO, following the Easter holidays, I saw a new feature in the configuration of the courses and I really wonder whether that is supposed to be taken into serious consideration from my part, affecting in this way my tactics and strategy in the study of the courses (Spanish and German).

Practically, I am talking about the crowns appearing at each section of the courses followed by a number which, I assume, should range between 0 and 5. By the time the crowns made their appearance in the DUOLINGO, I had already reached a certain level through the sections I had already completed. Most of the studied sections are graded between 1 and 3. Some of them, if I remember well, have no grade at all.

Your advice would be highly appreciated. What would you suggest me to do? 1. Keep on with the courses, starting from the point already reached before the effected changes, or 2. start from the beginning again, aiming at achieving a certain grade - eg. 3 or 4 - at each studied section?

Thank you all so much


April 23, 2018



You only need level 1 to continue and that is equivalent to a golden skill from the old system. I like to do a lesson here and there to raise each skill up by a lesson and do new lessons too. I pretty much do what I used to do.


The great thing about the new system is that it's highly customizable and allows you to study in your own style - run through it all and then go back and review, or plod along and only move ahead when you know a skill completely.

I am a very slow language learner and I prefer the latter. Here's how I do it (basically the opposite of ALLintolearning3, whose opinions and strategies I highly respect):


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