"Toutes mes fleurs étaient couvertes de gelée."

Translation:All my flowers were covered with frost.

April 23, 2018

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Why is it not "...de la gelée"?

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    Traduction très approximative de Duo. On doit parler ici de gel, et non pas de gelée...


    Could one use couvraient here?


    No, because it is passive: "étaient couvertes" = "were covered", vs "couvraient" = "covered/were covering/used to cover"


    Covered in frost feels more natural for a Brit.


    Flowers covered with jelly ?!? :D :D :D yeah it's gel and not gelée hahahaha (I'm French)


    Why singular "de gelée" and not "des gelées"? I believe a previous sentence read "Les fruits ne vont pas pousser en raison des gelées".


    "une gelée/des gelées" being regularly countable, the sentence here has "une gelée" because it happened once and in plural in the other sentence if several occurrences are referred to.


    No, it is because it's supposed to be a material, something physical and not a phenomenon. "les gelées" refers to the times it was freezing. "le gel" refers to the actual ice on it. And by the way "la gelée" in french means nothing else than "the jelly", it's a mistake. It should have been "le gel", or even better "le givre".


    "Gelée" (nf) may be used in a meteorological sense to refer to "frost". It may also be used to refer to a "gel", e.g., une gelée hydratante (moisturizing gel) or a jelly (that you spread on bread). So the word has different and unrelated meanings.


    So conceivably this sentence could be about flowers covered with jelly then.


    Thanks for the word 'le givre', that's exactly the word I was looking for. In English it would be rime ice. [Click here](https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Givre)


    Why not "all my flowers where frost covered"

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