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What are some Netflix TV shows to help learn French?

I found some recommendations for some French Netflix series. Has anyone tried these. How do you get the most out of watching without getting exhausted? http://vivalanga.com/best-tv-series-to-learn-french-for-all-levels/

April 23, 2018



I LOVE miraculous ladybug and cat noir on Netflix. It's a kids show but I still love it, and there is a cute love story behind it all too. It is well animated, and although it is originally a kids TV show is has a huge fan base full of all ages.


Merci beaucoup, channy1987! Les Revenants et Engrenages sont très bonnes! Marseille est intéressant sur NetFlix. Voici une liste de bons films français. https://www.timeout.com/paris/en/film/best-french-movies


Cartoons helped me with english, sure its great for french too


I loved Dix Pour Cent, which I found quite well made, clever, and original.


'dix pour cent' ('call my agent') is really good because it's actually french. The humour is slightly weird, but several french people I know love it :)


For equally weird French humor, "Au Service de la France" ("A Very Secret Service"), about the secret service in the 60s.


I watch Peppa Pig to improve my French. I needed something simple and not too complicated so I turned to kid's cartoons, and it seems to be working well.


I've had multiple people suggest cartoons!


Peppa Pig is so much fun :)


Love Peppa Pig! It's so easy to follow, and it helps that each episode is only five minutes. LOL


Wow. I never even thought about that. Thanks for turning my train of thought in that direction


Merci! I watch Ladybug et Chat Noir, an amazing animated series! and also Mofy (a really sweet animated series that is perfect for beginners). Mofy is also really great because the episodes are only about 6 minutes, so if you find your attention wanders and you get exhausted trying to follow full length shows (I do) these short charming episodes are perfect! Extra en francais is also a fun sitcom (like a reallly low budget freinds) made for learners. Not sure about netflix, but all the above can be found on youtube. My personal experience is, if I really want to learn and get the most learning out of watching t.v. I cannot use English subtitles, I either need to have no subtitles, or occasionally French subtitles.... otherwise I just tune out the dialogue and read. However, I have talked to people who learn quite well using English subtitles, so it might work for you. Tutorial videos (like watching people cook or paint or do their hair) are also really great as they are easy to follow along.


It's a shame that season 2 of Ladybug is only available in English.


You could try the new netflix series "le chalet" but i think that is something that you should try if you have a intermediary french!!!


I definitely needed English subtitles for this one. There's a lot of information and storyline and different relationships to try to keep track of :-)


Not a tv show but I recently watched this lovely movie called My Life as a Courgette (My life as a Zucchini) which is actually originally a French movie so the French dub is pretty nice I assume it also has French subtitles but I can't remember. It has a nice English dub too for those who might want to watch that before or after watching the French dub of it.


Just about anything on Netflix that is a Netflix original will have French audio and subtitles. I've watched countless movies and TV shows this way and I personally love it.

For me if I want to stay interested and not get bored I will usually watch a show I've already seen in English that I really enjoy that way I know whats going on, I'm enjoying the show, I can learn new vocabulary because I already know whats going on.

Hope this helps enjoy!!!


I second this. French audio + French subtitles is great because the subtitles rarely match the audio, so you often learn two different ways of saying the same thing. Recommendation: Black Mirror, which offers a lot of unusual vocabulary and idioms.


Oooh, Black Mirror was great! I'd love to watch that in French. I also watched the unabridged version of The Da Vinci Code with French audio and subtitles, and that was my first exposure to not having the subtitles match what I was hearing. Great learning experience!


Yeah, I've noticed that too. Not in La Mante, but in others. Sometimes you look at it, and you have to pause the show just to figure out the subtitles. There is a report function if it's particularly off.


Here's a catalogue of movies/series on Netflix with good subtitles, sorted by language: http://languagelearningwithnetflix.com/catalogue.html

Also, here's a free extension that adds bilingual subs, pop-up dictionary, and improved playback control: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lln-language-learning-wit/hoombieeljmmljlkjmnheibnpciblicm


what a great resource - thank you folks


The Churchmen is very good because they tend to speak reasonably slowly and clear and there are lots of episodes.


telefrancais is a kid's show and all the episodes are on youtube.


I used to watch Puffin Rock in French


I watched Troll Hunters with my nanny kids in English and now I watch it in French. I also always use French subtitles. I find it's easier to follow along that way because I can double check that my brain is right about what I think I'm hearing.


You can watch 'Les filles d'acote' and 'Le miel et les abeilles' on youtube. Both are entertaining and you can learn a lot.


I also watch Peppa Pig! A personal (and nostalgic) favorite of mine is Lucky Luke


My hs French teacher would let us watch this if we were good/ did our homework. This teacher made a huge impact on my life so I love rewatching the show and reminiscing!


Not tried yet. But this opens a new way for me to learn french. Thanks...


Witnesses and Marseille (you will learn a lot of curse words with Marseilles)


Try La Mante if you can stand murder mysteries. The vocabulary was simple enough and they spoke slow enough for me to keep up. I do tend to have the subtitles on in English, but I noticed with La Mante that I wasn't reading them and during a few episodes I was actually doing a jigsaw. That show is what got me onto watching French shows actually.


hello! i'm particularly picky about the french shows i watch - mostly because I hate to watch things that are not synced. so, i usually prefer cartoons when it comes to french netflix! i recently watched Hilda, which was adorable in french and i adored the voice actors and animation!

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