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"Après que nous avons mangé le gâteau, j'ai eu du café."

Translation:After we ate the cake, I had coffee.

April 23, 2018



So “pris du café” and “eu du café” can be used interchangeably.


In this case, yes, but it is limited to this context and with still a nuance between the two:

  • J'ai pris du café = I ordered some OR I took/bought (a pack of) coffee
  • J'ai eu du café = I was served some


Thank you, Sitesurf. You had made that information available in response to another comment. I just needed the permalink of this thread, that’s why I added a comment. Thanks aplenty, much appreciated.


I put manges [sorry no accents] and it was wrong - I don't understand how with nous it is a singular past participle - please lighten my darkness!!


With the auxiliary "avoir", the past participle never agrees with the subject.

[deactivated user]

    After we ate the cake, I got coffee.... Problem?


    why is a coffee wrong?


    Why is "got a coffee" not valid but its in the suggestions as a possibile option?


    I put. After we ate the cake I had some coffee, and it was marked wrong.


    How would one say, "after that we ate the cake, I had coffee

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