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"Ellos solo estudian una hora en la semana."

Translation:They only study an hour a week.

April 23, 2018



It rejected "they study only one hour per week". This is the correct position for "only". Reported 23 April 2018.

[deactivated user]

    Actually 'only' can come before or after the verb, but with a slightly different sense: 'they only study ...' suggests that they should study more, whereas 'they study only ...' is merely informative.


    I like that you look for fine distinctions in use of words, however I think that you are putting too fine a point on the use of the position of 'only' in this case. I feel that the use of 'only' in the sentence, whether before or after 'study' suggests that they might study more ... omitting the 'only' provides mere information.


    "they only study" suggests that they do something other than study. "They only study one hour a week; the rest of the time they just fool around."


    I totally agree with you. They rejected mine as well


    Same here. Reported 24th September 2018. I think it is PER they have the problem with, they want A week.


    You are correct. Duo wants "a" instead of "per," which is ridiculous because "per" is more accurate.


    In this case, would IN A be acceptable?


    Like a lot of other speakers, she drops the end of the words making it difficult to figure out what she's saying.


    Not only the ends – I listened half a dozen times to the audio and there wasn't a scrap of "en" between "hora" and "la semana" in normal speed :-((


    You are absolutely correct, the 'en' was hundred percent sure not pronounced! I have reported this.


    Couldn't agree more. See my post on this page.


    i wrote 'they only study an hour in a week'

    [deactivated user]

      una hora a la semana - is that more common?


      I think that'd be more like 'an hour to the week.'


      NOTE that "the only study one hour PER WEEK" also works


      Wouldn't that be por semana or por una semana? (I'm not good enough to know which is correct, but have a note that "per xxx" uses por.)


      "They study only an hour per week.' was accepted Jan. 18, 2019


      This woman's speech seems to deteriorate lesson by lesson. She's either on heavy medication - opioids is my guess - or she's been on the fino. It's awful.


      Ha, ha.... Yeah, Duo seems to run her words together more so than the words of the male speaker. She continues to be frustratingly hard to understand, while he is much easier.


      It counted wrong "They only study an hour in a week"


      "they only study an hour in a week" was rejected for me too| March 21,2021. Shouldn't the spanish word 'en' be substitited for in?


      why is this not 'solos'? It refers to they which is obviously plural.


      Hello. The 'solo' isn't refering to 'they'. It's modifying the time that they study. I'm fairly sure it's called an adverb. Hope this helped.


      They don't do it alone. They just study an hour a week. Accepted by the way.


      Could this also mean "They study alone for an hour during the week."


      I wrote: "They only study one hour of the week." I can't see why it's not accepted. I'll report, but anyone who knows why it might be wrong, please leave a comment. Else I hope they'll add it.


      I find that the female talker is much more difficult to understand than the male. She cuts off a lot of the word endings


      I think people read too much into this. Its simple, they only study an hour a week means they only study an hour a week. You would have to know the context of the conversation not just the sentence. Some folk will read it as they should study more, some will read it as they are lucky only having to study an hour a week. Horses for courses.


      Why isn't uno hora accepted i.e. One hour which is the same as an hour


      Because la hora is feminine.


      Why not "Solo estudian una hora una semana"


      They only study an hour each week ( seems ok to me )


      I wrote "They only study one hour in a week" and was marked wrong. I feel like my answer should be accepted.


      I wrote in a week and that was marked wrong


      I use "per" instead of "a". It was accepted 12 Nov 2019.


      Why did it say an hour. That is incorrect grammer...right?


      No. Because 'hour' starts off with a vowel sound you must use 'an'. It is the sound that is important... not the letter.


      This lady speaks perfectly. She's a robot but I want to keep her. Por favor.


      It didn't accept they only study one hour of the week


      they only study one hour a week would be a better fit as a translation


      It is a hour, not an hour.

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