seid and sind

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i have two questions 1. in a scentence like "ihr seid kinder" do we determine if it is seid or sind because of the ihr or because of the kinder? we have to just remember when to say seid and when to say sind or is there something i can use?

4/23/2018, 1:42:33 PM


Seid goes with: "ihr seid" (you (plural) are).

Sind goes with: "Sie sind" (You (formal) are or They are), or "Wir sind" (We are)

You just have to memorize this rule, it's not like memorizing the gender of a noun.

4/23/2018, 1:47:43 PM
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Perhaps you would like this, or this or simply this

Another question: was the sentence "Ihr seid kinder" or "Ihr seid Kinder": the capitalisation, in German, is, well… capital, as the first sentence means "You are nicer", and the latter "You are children".

4/23/2018, 2:57:43 PM
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Oups! Forget about the "kinder/nicer" translation, I was all mixed up. Capitalisation of the noun does matter very much, however.

4/24/2018, 12:59:06 AM
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"seid" is because of the "ihr" and "sind" is used with "wir, sie (plural) and Sie (singular - polite form instead of du).
English "to be" - in German "sein" singular: I am - ich bin you are - du bist or Sie sind (polite form) he/she/it is - er/sie/es ist plural: we are - wir sind you are - ihr seid they are - sie sind

Hope that helps to understand.

4/24/2018, 2:52:45 PM
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Du bist ein Kind; ihr seid Kinder meaning you are a child, you are children.

4/23/2018, 3:15:51 PM
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