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Any ACTIVE French clubs I can join ?

I'm sick and tired of Duolingo putting me in dead, inactive clubs.

if you have one a club code would be great
April 23, 2018



You are welcome to join my french club FrenchCamille! Though in all honesty... it is also very inactive, unfortunately.. but if you join.. there will be two of us at least!


I'd like to join, even tho' there aren't any active members :D


Well the code is 8V3XZR for anyone who wants to join! There is still lots of room. I don’t want it to be competitive, but it would be nice to have members who occasionally chat, share tips etc.


How can I join in the clubs?


It's a feature on the app, not the website


I’m in a really active French club, we do ‘mot du jour’ and things like that, here’s the code: HMXFPF, it might be full, just warning.


Ah dang, that club sounds amazing, even though it's full )':


I have seen a few posts about club offers but not for a while, sorry.


I would like to join the club! FRENCH LEARNING BUDDIES!!


what are clubs?


The Duolingo has one version for people using PC and an other version available for people using an app on a mobile telephone. On the phone version it is possible to be member of a Club if you have a Club-code. I am member of the club named "The 365+ day streak club". Our Club code is 2DPG3B and we have currently 2 slots available. We focus on working every day. If you loose your day streak you loose membership in this club. This is an active French club that contains 50 members. The club members are active chating with each other in french. The administrator of this club has currently a 852 days streak! Everyone is welcome to join the club!


I would love to join your club but it is full. I'm looking for one with exactly the same attitude you have there.


I was thrown out of my French club because I was inactive for a few weeks. Can I rejoin? The administrator is Toni (dog).


Mine's dead too...if you find a good one with a spot please say so!


I like just created on that was created for active learners. Unfortunately I just created it so its practically empty, but I want to get it full of competitive active learners so fill free to join!!! It's called For the Love of French CLUB CODE: XQVAYH


Well I made a discord channel XD It's pretty empty right now... But I hope it will be more active soon! Here's the link: https://discord.gg/HVVwM2n :)


I've just created one for active and talkative users, if anybody wants to join, code is 5UWFAJ


Hey guys, i just made a new club for those who can maintain their streak. This club will be highly competitive, so if you are up for the challenge you can join at HF69F4. No requirements for entering BTW


Sure, my club is CGZ4ZV :)


Any active club now?

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