"Giramos a la izquierda y luego a la derecha."

Translation:We turn to the left and then to the right.

April 23, 2018



“We turn left and then right” would be more commonly heard.

July 29, 2018


Depends on whether you're driving or dancing. Duolingo must've been assuming dancing. (I made the driving assumption too - that's why I'm here.)

August 31, 2018


Yes, I suppose one should be prepared for DL to drop a dancing sentence in right in the middle of directions to banks and bus stops. Keeps us thinking. However, “We turn left and then right” was also accepted.

September 1, 2018


They did not accepted that just a minute ago

October 6, 2018


Duo just accepted something very close to your answer just now.
My answer was "We turn left and later right." And Duo accepted it! 12/25/2018 Merry Christmas!!!

December 25, 2018


No acepta y también debe de valer el pasado simple: we turned to the left and then to the right

April 23, 2018


I thought 'Entonces' meant "then", why is 'Luego' used here?

October 3, 2018


Apparently, "luego" can also mean "then" as well as "later"


December 25, 2018


you are right, I have the same question, then is like next turn, later is further on although Duo accepted later for luego

January 12, 2019


I feel like they're literally saying "we turn to the left, and later to thr right." (Which is the answer I put anyways)

While this works, in English we usually say "we turn to the left, and then to the right" instead of later. So even if it's not exact, it's a better translation.

May 4, 2019


It's just a jump to the left...

May 4, 2019


The audio clearly says quedamos.

The errors in duolingo are becoming quite annoying, again marked incorrect through no fault of my own.

August 25, 2018


Could the Spanish sentence also be translated as "let's turn left then right" or is the imperative definitely wrong here?

November 9, 2018


Nosotros also has a separate imperative form (which matches the present subjunctive), which would be giremos here. Suggestions like that are also often formed with "Vamos a [hacer algo]".

The sentence here is just indicative. "We're turning here", most likely in the meaning of "We're supposed to turn here" if someone is talking about direction to some goal.

February 7, 2019


We are turning to the left and after to the right, not accepted...

February 22, 2019


You can't use "after" there. "After" is a preposition and it needs a noun to follow directly. Instead, you can use the adverbs "then", "afterwards", or "thereafter".

February 22, 2019


Can you elaborate on this? Doesn't 'after' modify 'girar' just as much as 'then' does? That is to say, can't 'after' be used as an adverb?

February 22, 2019


Let's dig a bit deeper. Apparently "after" can be used as an adverb, but only postpositionally, like in "It happened soon after." Applied to your sentence, it could be "We are turning to the left and to the right after", but that sounds quite awkward. (Something like this might be what you had in mind, though, adding another clause: "...to the left, and after, to the right." It's an adventurous construction.)

You can use "after" as a conjunction as well, but in that case you need to place it in the first part of the sentence and add another verb: "After we are turning left, we are turning right."

But otherwise, "after" needs to go with something nouny, even if it's just "after that".

Neither "after" nor "then" really modify the verb. Instead, they modify the adverbial "to the right", putting it in relation to the rest of the action.

February 22, 2019


Thankssss mate.

February 25, 2019


we turn left then right rejected 08.03.19

March 8, 2019


"We turn to the left and after that to the right" was not accepted.

March 19, 2019


duolingo needs a fix here: the sentence to translate into english is given IN ENGLISH except for one word, "y" in spanish. I gave the answer in spanish

April 6, 2019


The sentence is identical and still it is in red

April 10, 2019


The mic really sucks

May 2, 2019


Why is "we are turning left and then to the right" incorrect

May 16, 2019


It's a good translation, albeit a bit unsymmetrical (using "left" as an adverb and "right" as a noun). You should report it.

May 16, 2019


We turn left and then go right. This should have been accepted because whether you be dancing or driving it makes sense.

July 25, 2019


You added another verb, "go", in your sentence, which Duo generally doesn't like a lot.

July 25, 2019
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