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"Excuse me, is the bathroom downstairs?"

Translation:Disculpe, ¿el baño está abajo?

April 23, 2018



No acepta: disculpe, ¿está el baño abajo?


Not only did it not accept that, but it gave me the answer "Disculpe, ¿el aseo está abajo?"


Same here, I've not heard of aseo before but it means toilet. Another wrongly marked answer by DL but at least I learned a new word :D


But it did accept "disculpe, ¿está abajo el baño?"


I said, "disculpe, esta el bano abajo" different word order. Is this wrong?


No it is not wrong. Duolingo is wrong when it marks inverted questions as incorrect.


I was wondering the same thing.


why is debajo not accepted?


I looked up the difference between abajo and debajo, and found a good answer here.

To summarize:
"Debajo" requires a reference point below which something is placed, whereas "abajo" can be anywhere lower than your reference point.
"Vamos abajo" means "We're going down" [downstairs, perhaps?], but "Vamos debajo" would make you wonder: "Under... what?" (debajo de... ¿qué?)

So basically, because we're just saying the bathroom is downstairs, we use abajo; debajo would be used if we were saying it was "underneath [something]".


Disculpe, está el baño abajo ?


It is extremely common for Spanish speakers to invert the words in a question, the same as in English. It is never wrong to invert them, and Duolingo is wrong when they reject answers that are given in in the inverted order. I have spoken Spanish fluently for thirty years and I am quite aware that native Spanish speakers are far more likely to invert the questions than to phrase them in the declarative manner that Duolingo teaches is correct.


Great answer, thanx


why is it "esta" when bano and abajo are both masculine??


Verbs, including the conjugations of "estar" don't change with gender. Perhaps you were thinking of este/a when it means this. In this sentence it's está, meaning is. The bathroom is downstairs.


Can someone help me as to why esta is used here in lieu of este? I would think to agree with bano it should be este.


The está in this sentence is a conjugation of the verb estar, meaning "is".
E.g. "Where is the bathroom?" - "The bathroom is downstairs." - "Is the bathroom downstairs?"
"¿Donde está el baño?" - "El baño está abajo." - "¿El baño está abajo?"

It's not esta, the feminine version of este, meaning "this".


Felicity, thanks for the help. I knew that but at the time had a brain fart. Here's a Lingot.


Why wasn't perdone acceptable?


how about los servicios?


Ok I said BANO, DL say no, but the answers above is BANO. Sometimes is is just impossible to get the right answer


What the hell?? Suddenly baño is not acceptable???


Duo accepts “baño.” You must have made another mistake.

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