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"As soon as I know what it is, I will tell you."

Translation:Sobald ich weiß was es ist, sage ich es dir.

April 23, 2018



I am asking the same question as Krys1301: Sobald ich weiß, was es ist, werde ich es dir sagen - why is this not accepted?


It should be accepted, so far as I know.


what's wrong with :"Sobald ich weiß,was es ist, werde ich es dir sagen'?


Nothing. Report it.


Why doesn't it end "sage ich dir es"?


Finding the right order for multiple objects in a sentence is something you might just need to get a feeling for through practice... Although if you want to read long articles about word order there are several available on the internet.


is the second "es" grammatically necessary or is just a characteristic of german


Even I would like to know that...why "es" is required in the second clause??


Shouldn't the second part of this sentence be in future tense?


Why not 'Sobald ich weiß was es ist, werde ich es dir sagen'?


Like everyone else here I'm mystified as to why the last part of this sentence isn't allowed to be in future tense.


I'm confused that the verb doesn't seem to be in the second position here. There is a conjunction and then a subject, then the verb weiß in the third position. Shouldn't it be "Sobald weiß ich..."

That is on top of the questions everyone else has asked - Why can't the second clause be in future tense, and why is the second "es" necessary?


Wissen is an irregular verb Ich weiß Du weißt Er weiß Wir wissen Ihr wisst Sie wissen


... werde ich es dir sagen. Warum ist es falsch?


for the second part of the sentence I wrote "werde ich dir sagen", why is that incorrect?


For the last part of the sentence, would it be a valid to say "sage ich (es) dir Bescheid?"

If so, would it have the same meaning or would the meaning change?


Can someone explain to me what's with the second part of the sentence? I dont get it at all. Duo hasn't covered what to do with more than two verbs in a sentence.v

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