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From the 26 April i am in London England for 10 days . I know my streak will end but my crowns ?

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April 23, 2018



Your streak doesn't have to end if you have the app on a tablet or smart phone, or can access the website version somehow. London, of all places, shouldn't be in the internet wilderness. That said, streaks are just pixels and useless lingots, so it's not something to worry about too much.


I think your crowns will stay. They don't degrade like the skills did.

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Thanks . As a senior who loves to travel this Duo is great when i get home . Your another great achiever . Congrats !!


I'd be very surprised if your hotel doesnt have free WiFi access. So you shouldn't need to lose your streak, but it would be liberating to let it go.

If time is the issue, drop target to 10 XP per day.

And welcome to London.

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That is a good idea ! Why not ? I have a lot of Lingots so if time is an issue use them too for those days it is impossible !!


your crowns will just hold tight until you get back and are ready to learn again!

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Thanks - London is just the start of a tour to Great Britain - I expect i will have a lot to see and do . I am as a senior loving Duolingo .


If you have a phone with a Wifi connection:

There are so many good pubs and restaurants in big supermarkets in GB with rather good Wifi.
Set your daily goal to a maximum of 10 XP, have a nice drink and 1 lesson in Duolingo.

Or, don't think about Duolingo. You will lose your streak but you will keep your crowns!
Have a great time in my favourite holiday destination!

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Sounds like a plan . Thanks

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