Is there any way turn off cross-promotions?

Long time Duolingo user and fan here!

I'm well aware of Duolingo Events, the Duolingo Podcast, and TinyCards. I even paid for a Duolingo subscription. Yet every time I finish a lesson I have to click through a "stop everything, look at this" interstitial to be able to continue along my way.

Is there any way to turn off these interstitials?

FYI, I also complained to staff the only way I could figure out how to, by "filing a bug report".

Duolingo, please allow me to stop these interstitial cross-promotions. Please don't take advantage of my precious, captive attention. I love doing the lessons and I don't need to be hit with the interstitials every dang time.

April 23, 2018


In a Plus subscription you have paid for "No advertisements"

Did you submit a bug report via this web page ?
and ....

... picking the "Type of Issue" as "Purchase issue."

April 23, 2018

I did contact the team, by submitting a bug report at . Here's their reply (and my original submission at the bottom):

"Tyler E.:

Hi Adam,

Thank you for sharing this great suggestion!

Your feedback helps our team decide what to work on next to improve Duolingo.

Thank you for learning with us!

Tyler E. Duolingo Support

Adam Monsen:

stop sending me tinycards and podcast promotions

Please, please stop sending me tinycards and duolingo podcast promotions. These are super annoying. I'm already well aware of both products, and you abuse my valuable attention by bringing up these interstitials every time I complete a lesson. I've already paid for a subscription; isn't that enough?

Reference number: 989206"

April 24, 2018

Hi! Do you mean you would like to skip the entire summary of the lessons (level up info, XP earned, etc?) that we show to everyone at the end of every lesson, or just the Events/Tinycards promotional screens that are part of it?

April 23, 2018

Speaking for myself, the Events/Tinycard/Stories promo pages.

Here's my thinking:

  • Getting two or more of the same promo page in a 24 hour period is overkill, and reduces the impact of the user contact. I now click thru these interstitial pages w/out a glance ... i.e., I have become numb to them and DL has lost its ability to influence my behavior via this channel.

  • Take user behavior into account. a) I was getting Stories promo pages even after I had completed all of the French stories. (That is like trying to sell me a house I already own.) Once I had finished French story sets 1-3, I shouldn't have seen that promo page UNTIL the 4th set was introduced! And then the messaging should have been that there was more content. In that same vein, don't advertise TinyCards to someone who is using TinyCards.

  • These interstitial pages could be a very effective push communication channel. Tell users when a new set of stories is available, a new podcast, a new version of TinyCards, that you've updated the forum UI. Etc.

April 24, 2018

Agreed. I'm fine with one-time interstitials. The persistent/recurring ones are the most annoying.

I know interstitials work because I've measured their effect before. They demand attention! That's also exactly why they should be used sparingly.

April 24, 2018

I wonder if/how DL is tracking their effectiveness.

And yes, website usage stats need to be evaluated carefully. Interaction stats are easy to manipulate. Even easier to misinterpret.

[One of my long-standing, pound-my-head-on-my-desk, least-favorite usage stats is pageviews/customer-day counts. Another one was a nebulous "user activity/day" number that was shopped around at a site where I worked (when my team dug into the underlying data ... the user activity had gone up because of user confusion, and not because the UI re-design was an improvement). Statistics is an art.]

April 24, 2018

@vivisaurus - I just want less / less frequent promotional screens. I appreciate the summaries. Good clarification, thanks.

April 24, 2018
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