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"This reminds me that it is time to return to the ship."

Translation:Esto me recuerda que es hora de regresar al barco.

March 23, 2013



How about "volver al barco"?


That would be right as well.


It may well be right, but they don't accept it...That is what I put and was marked wrong.....


¡¡Es lo mismo!! regresar = volver. A reportar el fallo


I said "la hora". Can someone walk me through why I'm wrong?


la hora is the hour, hora means time in this context...the question was that it is time to, not that it is the hour to....


Yes, what's the problem with "Esto me recuerda que es la hora de regresar al barco"?


I believe that "la hora" is quite correct as well in this context.


In the same vein, I think "...el momento..." should be accepted as well.


I'm obviously missing something. I thought it should be recuerdo, ending in "o" for the "yo" conjugation. Please help me understand.


It is 3rd person singular. The subject is "esto" and not "yo".


Thank you, that phrase confused me too. I thought that it was , yo and not the 3rd person.


Suggestion (and yes, I'm submitting it): when we crap out of an exercise (which for me is very often lately), how about instead of going straight to the sad trombone and the frowny owl, you keep the phrase on the screen with the correct answer so we can learn something?


How do you know when to use 'de' or 'a'?


Good question. Answer?


Lo tienes que memorizar. Encuentra el libro llamarse "501 Spanish Verbs." Lo contiene varios ejemplos para los verbos más común.

Yoy have to memorize it. Find the book called "501 Spanish Verbs." It contains numerous examples for the most common verbs.

(Please correct my Spanish if it has errors.)


"Lo contiene" should be just "Contiene". "Lo" is an example of a direct object pronoun which isn't what you're looking for. The "it" you need is implied as contener has been conjugated for 3rd person singular and by context "he,""you," and "she" would not make sense.

"Llamarse" isn't used correctly. I think a more appropriate translation would be to replace that with "que se llama."


I said volver al barco; surely that is correct too?


Yes, volver is also correct instead of regresar.


Why is it "me recuerda que" and not "me recuerda de que"?


Phil65: you can click show me my answer on the top right of the screen and it will show you where you went wrong (I know because I am wrong a lot...)


But i don't think you can do that from the mobile app!


I said "tiempo" instead of "hora de." Why am I wrong?


Found this on the internet, hope it helps!

TIME: Three words meaning "time" are not interchangeable. "Vez" is most frequently used when referring to an "occasion." "una vez" (one time), "esta vez" (this time) or "muchas veces" (many times). "Hora" refers to clock time. "¿Qué hora es?" (What time is it?). "Tiempo" is used in most other instances.


So time uses Ser not Estar?


One of the options given had "recuerda a mi" in it. I know that's not necessary, but I thought I'd seen it added sometimes. Is it only for the dative case?


Porque no "me recuerda esto ..."


This is the sort of sentence that makes want to quit. Much of the stuff in this lesson is impossibly idiomatic. Makes you feel you will never be able to speak correct Spanish so why bother?


Fail and learn. Those are two important parts to go through when you want to acquire a skill. No one said it would be easy. :)

Do you need any specific explanation for a part of the sentence? If so, just ask. It makes the "learn" part a lot easier.


Keep in mind that you have the option to work on easier skill sets instead of the more difficult ones. There are days when I don't feel like struggling with difficult exercises. And there are also days when I am more willing to experience my feelings of disappointment and other feelings that are triggered by making mistakes or by the experience of having no recollection.


I don't understand why it's "de regresar" and not "a regresar", when the question directly before it stated that "a" means "to".


You can't just translate prepositions between languages like that.

Spanish prepositions often depend on what's coming before. "Es hora de" is a fixed phrase.


Spot on! Two excellent points by RyagonIV.


Should accept "me acuerda" too.

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