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Thinking of giving up!

What on earth is happening with the latest update? One error and I’m locked out for FIVE HOURS. I’ve been with Duolingo for a long time now but cannot see any point in carrying on when this is continually happening. I’m not prepared to stay up until midnight each day under this new system. The duplications are bad enough but really?

April 23, 2018



Hello :-) What you describe sounds to me as if it is a bug. I have never heard of anyone being locked out for such a long time, and not after one error.

I think it would be best if you moved this thread to the "Troubleshooting" forum because this is the forum that deals with technical problems.

You, as the author of this thread, can do this by pressing "Edit" at the top of your thread, and then selecting the forum "Troubleshooting".


Don't ever give up! I don't kike the crown system either, but I have put in too much time and effort to chuck it because of this. I have cut back on everything but German while I figure out how best I can make things work for me. So whatever you do, DON'T QUIT!


One error and I’m locked out for FIVE HOURS.

Is this caused by the "Health" feature in the iOS App?

A popular workaround to avoid the "Health" feature

Use Duolingo's web version on your phone/tablet (www.duolingo.com), because it .......

  • does not have the "Health" system and gems

  • will work in the newest version of the Chrome or Firefox browser on your phone or tablet, if you have rather good Wifi (or LTE/4G with an Internet bundle)

For the best typing experience:

  • set the browser to mobile mode
  • use the phone in portrait mode

Link to the official help text in the English Duolingo Help Center


Don't Leave Steve... Breathe... Now figure it out... NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.


Pentaan, I’ve deleted Duolingo, re-instated it on my iPad and it immediately remembers me and locks me out again. Just getting more and more aggravated with this. Been trying now for four hours this evening and getting nowhere. Going to play the ukulele now instead!!


Don't re-instate the Duolingo App but use www.duolingo.com in the Safari browser App.


please don't give up! I dont know why the error thing is happening, but keep learning as much as you can!

[deactivated user]

    No. Don’t. Never give up. If it was truly your goal to learn german, then dont give up. If Duolingo is acting up, then say fk duolingo and find something else to learn on. Use the internet, FluentU is recommended. Somthing that helped me was to save pictures with the genders of words or something like that. Just dont give up. Not now, not ever. I hope that was inspiring because that sounded ba is my mind. ツ


    What and where is the trouble shooting forum?


    If you go into 'edit' mode in your post, then in the top left there is a 'topic' option. Choose 'troubleshooting'. I hope this helped.


    Pentaan, having been schooled before the advent of calculators, never mind computers, ( I really am very old ), I have absolutely no idea what your comment means. I’ve been using Duolingo on my iPad throughout my time with them and this is a new problem since the last, and frankly idiotic, update. What is the point of all these lingots and crowns? Surely we all just want to improve our language skills for our own reasons.

    Heike, where is the edit at the top of my thread?


    I’ve been using Duolingo on my iPad throughout


    • Open the Safari browser on your iPad
    • Type www.duolingo.com
    • tap "I already have an account"
    • log in with the same Username and Password as you did before
    • from now, you should not be locked out anymore.


    I echo the community - don't quit. If it is due to "Health", I'd encourage you to stop using the app and use the web site. Duo is driven by user data, so sending the message through data is the only way to go.

    Ukulele huh? At least you found a way to use your time productively!

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