"Do you have dried fruit?"

Translation:Est-ce que vous avez des fruits secs ?

April 23, 2018

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I entered 'Avez vous de la seche fruit'. Why is this wrong?


"Un fruit, des fruits" is a masculine and countable noun. Therefore, it does not use a partitive article ("du" in masculine, "de la" in feminine).

"Sèche" is the feminine singular form of the adjective "sec, sèche, secs, sèches" and this adjective is regular and placed after the noun it modifies.

In formal questions, the Verb-subject pronoun inversion needs a hyphen.

  • Avez-vous des fruits secs ?


Why is the adjective describing the noun after the noun not before the noun? Its not a color


Regular adjectives are placed after the noun in French. 85% of adjectives are regular, including colors.

"Sec, sèche, secs, sèches" is also a regular adjective.


fruit is masculine so I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be presented as a 'correct' solution:
"You have a typo.
Est-ce que vous avez des fruits séchés ?"


I don't know what you submitted, but "dried fruit" is "des fruits séchés" or "des fruits secs".


I think the confusion on this thread is because many people do not notice the difference between "sèche" and "séché".

Is there a difference between "fruits secs" and "fruits séchés" ??

I'm guessing that "fruits secs = dry fruit" and "fruits séchés = dried fruit".

Also the meaning of nuts vs fruit is not that obvious.




Yes dear, basically "les fruits secs" are "nuts" and "les fruits séchés" are these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dried_fruit

Because there is some inherent ambiguity - and some French people tend to use "fruits secs" for either, all the more because they are often sold as nuts and dried fruit mixes, we accept both back translations to French.

There is another ambiguity: the alternative name for "nuts" is "des noix", but "des noix" are walnuts. So you never know what people are talking about... :-)


Thanks for that explanation. Again, another complex and tricky translation! So much fun, huh? ;)


C'est le tonneau des Danaïdes, the Fun Barrel is never empty!


Est ce que tu a des fruits seches? Why need to use vous?


You don't have to use "vous", but you should conjugate the verb properly: "tu as".

Besides, "un fruit" is a masculine noun and the masculine plural form of the adjective should be "sec" (sèches is in feminine plural).

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