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  5. "Promiňte, knedlíky došly."

"Promiňte, knedlíky došly."

Translation:I am sorry, we are out of dumplings.

April 23, 2018



"Excuse me, we ran out of dumplings" should be accepted, should't it?


Actually, after reading it again, are you sure "Excuse me" is really used in this context?


I'm not really sure... Ya made me wonder... xD. I'm not native English xD.


Yes, I think it should.


I also couldn’t tell if “Excuse me” or “I am sorry” was appropriate. “Excuse me” I interpret as customers telling their waiter that their table has run out dumplings (but that only makes sense if these are typically something that gets replenished during your meal, like bread(rolls) perhaps - I suspect not though, i.e. whatever comes with your dish is what you get?). “I am sorry” I interpret as the waiter telling customers they can’t order any dishes with dumplings because the restaurant has run out of them.

Given the above, should both be acceptable, or just “I am sorry”?


Very nice explanation! I will add alternatives using "excuse me," if the Czech natives on the team feel it is appropriate.


I see, it did not occur to me. Yes, that would be possible.

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