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"I am waiting for the New Year's holidays."

Translation:J'attends les vacances du nouvel an.

April 23, 2018



Nouvel an is the typical way to refer to New Year's? Are there other ways?


"Le nouvel an" is an old set phrase.

You can use "la nouvelle année", as a way to avoid the hackneyed formula, though, if you send a greeting card.

Also, "les vacances du nouvel an" are much more often referred to as "les vacances de fin d'année" or "les vacances de Noël".


Is the holiday always referred to as "les vacances" rather than "la fête"


Actually, we use "les fêtes de fin d'année" which refers to the celebrations of Christmas and the New Year. If we take a few days off at this period, they are "les vacances de fin d'année" or "les vacances de Noël".

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