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"Mara and Torg admire Kahless."

Translation:qeylIS luHo' mara torgh je.

April 24, 2018



In some questions the start of this sentence has Kahless with a lower case "q" (qeylIS) whereas in other questions (multiple choice ones) the same sentence has Kahless starting with a capital "Q" (QeylIS). Am I correct to understand that either way is acceptable as long as it is in regards to a name at the start of the sentence? Thanks again for all your help.


No -- q and Q are different letters in Klingon and must not be confused. (For example, qaH is "sir" but QaH is "to help".)

The fact that multiple-choice exercises capitalise the first letter of all sentences is a bug, and is not appropriate for Klingon spelling.

Hopefully that will be changed at some point.

The correct Klingon spelling of Kahless is always qeylIS, even at the beginning of a sentence.

Similarly, torgh never becomes Torgh -- T is not even a letter in Klingon.


I translated it as qeylIs luHo' torgh mara je. It was marked wrong. Couldn't you accept the translation in either order?


It depends on how strict one wishes to be in the interpretation. Most of the time the meaning is not changed significantly by changing the order, but sometimes it is. Thus we have decided to be strict about it and ALWAYS enforce maintaining the original order so that you get used to it.

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