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"Il est impossible de se concentrer avec tant de bruit !"

Translation:It is impossible to concentrate with so much noise!

April 24, 2018



It rejected "it is impossible to concentrate with such noise". Reported 23 April 2018.


With such noise = Avec un tel bruit.

Your interpretation would refer to the nature of the noise rather than an excessive volume.


I disagree. In Engish (to native English speakers) “such noise” refers to the volume.


Maybe this is regional. To me "such noise" refers to the type of noise not the quantity or volume of it.


I might use "such noise" for the volume, but generally that phrasing isn't common unless wanting to refer to the type of noise in my (native) experience. I think the distinction is valid for Duolingo to make.


How about with "all the noise"? I use them interchangeably in English. It was rejected just now. Would the French use "tout le bruit"?


words missing impossible to complete the sentence


Whenever an exercise seems to have one or several tiles missing:

  1. zoom out your web browser to 67%
  2. then
    • IF the "missing" tiles appear below the other tiles, then you can do the exercise.
      After completing the exercise you can return to a zoom at 100% if you prefer; but you may need to zoom out again later.
    • IF the "missing" tiles don't appear despite the zoom to 67%, then

If the tile that is missing varies from one attempt to another, then it's very likely that the tile is actually here but hidden. Hence that the zoom-out workaround will work.

The zoom-out is not an optimal solution (yes, things should appear at 100% too), but it's at least a way to pass the exercise in the many cases where the tile is actually there but hidden at zoom=100%).


Thanks for the explanation. But I work on a chrome book and have no idea how to change the zoom. It is frustrating because I keep getting the sentence wrong and I can't go on. I apologize for my lack of tech skills and I shall refrain from putting the technical discussion in the language discussions. But I did get a response! Thanks


Don't apologize, I am struggling too sometimes. If you are on Chrome, you should see 3 vertical dots at the top right corner, after the URL line. If you right-click on them, you should open a menu with "zoom" in the middle.


Thank you so much. I found the zoom. I will definitely try next time. I hate getting wrong answers just because I cannot complete them. :) Have a good day. ..I get to use my French this summer working in a bed and breakfast so I keep practicing.

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