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"Je vais tout faire pour arranger la situation."

Translation:I am going to do everything to fix the situation.

April 24, 2018



Trop petit, trop plus tard mon ami .


would 'je vais faire tout pour arranger la situation' be ok or does the tout need to precede the faire?


This is a case where "tout" as a one-syllable word, needs another placement to be better heard.

Please note that it is different if "tout" is further described:

  • Je vais faire tout ce que je peux pour...
  • Je vais tout faire pour...


I will do everything to fix the situation was not accepted?


In the exercise tout is acting as an indefinite pronoun. When used as an indefinite pronoun tout replaces a thing, never a person and means all or everything

Now the rules of placement for tout when acting as an indefinite pronoun are as follows:

Rule 1

when tout is acting as a direct object of a compound tense it must be placed before the past participle.


Il a tout oublié - he has forgotten everything
A-t-il tout mangé ? - has he eaten everything ?
Il n’a pas tout compris - he has not understood everything


Il a pensé à tout (indirect object) - he has thought of everything

Rule 2

when tout is the direct object of the infinitive of a verb it is placed before the infinitive


je peux tout manger - I can eat anything
je vais tout vendre - I am going to sell everything
Nous avons dû tout recommencer - we had to start everything again.
J'ai voulu tout faire en même temps - I wanted to do everything at the same time
Nous aimons tous étudier le français - we all like to study French

exception 1

if tout is followed by a relative clause modifying it then it is placed after the infinitive

exception 2

If you want to insist on tout, you can place it after the infinitive of the verb


il vous donnera tout ce que vous voulez - He will give you everything you want
Je vais vous raconter tout ! - I am going to tell you everything!
Il n’avait pas l’intention de leur dire tout ce qu’il savait - He had no intention to tell them everything he knew.

Rule 3

tout is placed before all the other pronouns associated with the infinitive of a verb:


Je vais tout vous raconter - I am going to tell you everything
Nous avons dû tout lui expliquer - We had to explain everything to him

Rule 4

When tout is the direct object of a conjugated verb in the present tense it follows the conjugated verb


nous vendons tout - we are selling everything
elles veulent toutes une pomme - they all want an apple
Je comprends tout - I understand everything
C’est tout - that’s all


what's wrong with I Will?


I will do" is a simple future tense, and the French sentence has a near future construction, which translates to "I am going to do".


I am going to do everything to fix the situation was not accepted.

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