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New French tree, must be birch ;) because it's much harder! (Maybe annoying?)

Since They reset the French tree, I've been having a "trés difficile" time getting back down to the level where I was previously golden. Present 3. Not that far really. I didn't mind the reset at first. I thought, a new challenge and refresher. But as I started getting down a few levels, it definitley appeared much harder to complete each group. The oddball sentences they want translated. Odd to me anyway. Seems like things I would never actually place in conversation. Maybe I'm just a little frustrated? I'm trying my best to keep at it. Keep my streak alive...but lately I get so much wrong/run out of health much more! I'm finding I am ok now with just getting the three minimum needed lessons I need to maintain the streak. I'm hoping the more I practice it gets me over that learning "hump"? But, definitley not as much fun somedays :( thankfully I'm able to use the app and it autocorrects some of my French words. With all the new words and sentences...j'ai mal au ma tete! ;) lol. Probably got that wrong too ;)

Cheers! Chris in limbo.

April 24, 2018



Quit using the app and use the website: No health "punishment" and you can make as many mistakes as you like.

Also, if you're bothered by the more difficult sentences, just go to crown level 3 or so. Some folks want the harder sentences (and complain that the course is still too easy) but those tricky sentences were retired from the old French course for a reason. Who knows? Maybe getting to level 3 all the way through the tree and then coming back to work on level 4 or 5 after you get bored would be a better approach for you.

Feel free to mess around with how you approach the course - the great beauty of the crowns system is its flexibility. But ditch the app while they're still doing that health A/B test, if you can. Too much frustration!

If you MUST use the app: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002594392-Since-Crowns-were-launched-can-I-still-earn-Health-by-practicing-


The suggestion of not using the app is not really helpful, some of us aren't always by a desktop or can't access the website on a small devise.
I have figured out the app so that I can gain points by practicing and by finishing lessons so I have a lot of gems to use for refilling health.


Then give the Android app a test (Andrtoid emulator software KOPlayer, Bluestacks, NOX, Memu,...) :-)

Not every user account was punished into using health on this mobile plattform.


J'ai mal à la tête"

Tip: learn nouns together with their indefinite article: [head = une tête]

I am not sure from what you are describing if your problems have to do with the new Crown system which is currently being extended to all courses' users or the new French Tree3 version developed by the French course's volunteer contributors and being A/B tested for 3 weeks among some French learners, which are different things.


Yes - I think it is the unhealthy Health/Crowns combo that is the problem.


Thanks for your feedback :) I have yet to try just the website. I usually end up using the app more because my internet is not always available. It's the safest route to maintaing a streak. I will also research the crown level thing. This is new for me as well. In time I'll find it easier I'm sure. Also my post was more about my impressions so far. Not a complaint. Totally neglected my other languages since the French tree switch. But that's ok too. I'll conquer this tree yet! :) I already completed the French tree previously, the old version. Restarted as a challenge. But boy, I'm not sure now I'll have the same ability to finish "so fast" again. Lol. Mostly started duolingo to help with my brain injury, from what I read it's good practice for the injury. But sometimes, I think this new format just might be breaking my busted brain? ;) lol.


Sorry to hear you're having issues. When I work the lessons I do use the tips for new words that I don't know during lessons which help me to finish the lessons without losing all my health.

Another thing that might help is to practice first and while you are doing it, turn off the speaking and listening lessons. Then when you do a new lesson right away (within an hour) you will only get sentences that you can see the new words.

I am willing to watch ads to either refill health or to add more gems when I reach my goal for the day. This means I have built up gems to help me refill if I don't get through a new lesson without losing all my "hearts". Adding health back without having to "pay" with gems is by practicing. Five practice sessions will fill your health back up to full and you don't lose health while practicing.

For your phrase, it's j'ai mal au tête, that it is your head is understood.

Good luck!


Also, if you have an android device, the app on that doesn't have the health thing on it.


I've been writing down every French phrase they give me to translate to English. Then later in lesson when they ask me to write it in French. I have that help too. Often, it's just spelling mistakes of all these new words that mess me up! Or the order of the words. When I lose hearts, if I'm able to finish the lesson, normally I always top up the hearts to full by using the practice. +1. It's just annoying at times trying to finish a lesson that was previously way easier. Nothing to make me quit though! :)


I've been writing down every French phrase they give me to translate...

That may be counterproductive. For a while, when I missed one (English to French), I would copy the "correct" French phrase and paste it elsewhere, so when I got to the do-over part in the end I could just grab and paste it. I found that it was easy, but that I didn't remember it as well. Was doing that in Spanish as well. Especially for complicated stuff, like wen to use habría vs when to use hubiera as the auxiliary verb. Then I realized that I never would remember if I only copy the correct answers and paste them.

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