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"Mein langsamer Hund frisst Nudeln."

Translation:My slow dog is eating noodles.

April 24, 2018



So how do you say "My SLOWER dog is eating noodles"?


Please explain why it is langsamer and not langsam or langsame -- the "r" is throwing me off.


Adjectives have declension based on case. Hund takes the nominative case here, so "langsam" becomes "langsamer", with the -er coming from male singular nominative declension.

There is a good table on adjective declension here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Colors/tips-and-notes

Possessive pronouns trigger the same declension as the indefinite article (a/an), so "langsamer" means "slow" here.

This exercise is meant to show how the ending added by male singular nominative declension produces the same word as the comparative ending. For example:

Mein langsamer Hund schläft. - My slow dog sleeps.

Mein Hund ist langsamer als eine Katze - My dog is slower than a cat.

Mein langsamerer Hund ist braun. - My slower dog is brown

In the first two examples, "langsamer" has two different meanings, while in the third there are both the declension and the comparative ending, producing what looks like a double declension.


Many thanks for this explanation terminalmage. This is about the fifth time I have tried to learn German, and I'm sure it gets harder every time!


Can't imagine having to use this one much in real life


You've completely missed the point. Read my other comment.


Duo shows Nudeln as pasta or noodles but rejected pasta


Dreadful pronunciation! The voice says "fröst", and I wasted no end of time looking for a non-existent word.


Complaining about it here won't do anything, reporting it is the best option when the pronunciation seems incorrect.


Understandable have a nice day


sooo, "Mein schneller Hund frisst schnelles Essen"? XD


Bruh never heared about a dog eating noodlez

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