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Looking for a correspondent/Active Club in French.

I'm looking for an active French Club of an intermediate or advanced level, please share if you know one. I'm also open to corresponding in French with someone of similar level. Thank you

April 24, 2018



You are welcome to join my club. ‘Je suis un Ananas’ 8V3XZR So far it has not been very active, but some new members joined recently and I think it is improving. We are not competitive... in terms of xp streaks etc, but it is nice if members are friendly and share tips. I would be happy to chat in French.


Sounds good. I'm new to duolingo and I have no idea how I can find your club. Would you pls send me an invite, if it exists?


Click the "Clubs" icon at the bottom of your page on your phone/tablet. There will be a place where you can type in the club code.


There is but I only see the club I'm already in, and the space to write in that group.


I have a french club that will filters out any inactive members. Join at HF69F4. No requirements btw

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