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  5. "That pig's head is very big."

"That pig's head is very big."

Translation:La cabeza de ese cerdo es muy grande.

April 24, 2018



I got this wrong at first. But clearly 'esa carbeza del cerdo' means 'that head of the pig' which implies more than one head on one pig. I need to be more careful.


The English is ambiguous. It could mean "the head of that pig", or it could mean "that pig's-head". Having just been at a food market in Peru where multiple pigs' heads were on display, I took it to mean the latter and wrote "esa cabeza de cerdo". Is that wrong?


I did the same. To me "the head of that pig" and "that pig's head" mean the same thing. "That head of the pig" does not necessarily imply that the pig has more than one head.


"Esa cabeza del cerdo es muy grande." A translator worded it just like the English sentence. Since it translates correctly I think maybe why it isn't correct has to do with having body parts as "the" instead of "my." e.g. La cabeza duele = my head hurts. So if a body part is "the" this Duo example sentence has to start with La cabeza. The "that" (ese) then has to go with the cerdo. Thus the sentence: La cabeza de ese cerdo es muy grande.


Concise explanation. Thank you.


I pictured a wild pig's head hanging on the wall, as a trophy! So I said, "esa cabeza de cerdo". Who knew they were talking about the head of a live pig?


Exactly how I read it!


Grandisima should be accepted in addition to muy grande


'Grandísima' now accepted


Not accepted now!


"That" is a demonstrative pronoun therefore why no "aquel cabeza de cerdo"? I agree the sentence is ambiguous.


give me a break duo i have it correct after getting it wrong several times i probably shouldn't be doing it at the same time as having a whisky mac


I don’t understand why it can’t be “Esa cabeza de cerdo”.

I interpreted the English sentence to mean that it’s literally that “pig’s head”. The pig isn’t alive anymore. It’s that pig’s head, not that pig’s head.

But I get the sense that the Spanish sentence’s meaning is closer to “the head of that pig”.

The English sentence should be changed because this seems like an important difference that can be very misleading.


Should be able to use "puerco".


no i wrote cabella oh yes its the whisky mac causing the problem


an electric car


I thought porco was another word for pig, not accepted


You probably meant "puerco", which is another word for pig. But yes, "porco" was an old-fashioned word, no longer used, I think.


I Used puerco it was not accepted


Google translate says its "Esa cabeza de cerdo es muy grande."


What's wrong with what i wrote


I wrote esa cabeza de cerdo as it says that pig's head - only one head


I dont like being pelalized with these hearts . Get rid of them, i just want to learn. John


This translates as "The head of this pig is very big", not "That pig's head is very big". It's hard enough learning another language without the translations confusing you, too.

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