"That pig's head is very big."

Translation:La cabeza de ese cerdo es muy grande.

7 months ago


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I got this wrong at first. But clearly 'esa carbeza del cerdo' means 'that head of the pig' which implies more than one head on one pig. I need to be more careful.

7 months ago

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The English is ambiguous. It could mean "the head of that pig", or it could mean "that pig's-head". Having just been at a food market in Peru where multiple pigs' heads were on display, I took it to mean the latter and wrote "esa cabeza de cerdo". Is that wrong?

3 months ago


I did the same. To me "the head of that pig" and "that pig's head" mean the same thing. "That head of the pig" does not necessarily imply that the pig has more than one head.

1 month ago
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