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"C'est juste un peu de crachin."

Translation:It is just a little sprinkle.

April 24, 2018



I was wondering if the word crachin is related to cracher in the same way that you can say that rain is just spitting in English?

April 24, 2018

April 28, 2018


Drizzle is well used in the UK (and is included in the hover over), but sprinkles? Nope. Never heard anyone use sprinkles as a pseudonym for rain. Perhaps as a covering for an ice cream. Another colloquialism of the U.S. language getting in the way of our understanding of French, I think.

October 1, 2019


A bit of drizzle still not accepted 19/10/19. I think I reported it last time I did this section so am not reporting again but it needs sorting! I couldn't remember what phrase was accepted or I would have used it! A sprinkle is such a strange expression. I actually looked up the word crachin last time I did this as the "correct" translation made no sense to me.

October 19, 2019


'It is just a little drizzle' is accepted. 'A bit of drizzle' should clearly also be acceped.

November 3, 2019


And "a light drizzle". What about "it's spitting a bit"? Living in Cardiff (officially the wettest city in the UK) I know thousands of terms for different sorts of rain. Yet I have never come across "sprinkle" for rain

November 3, 2019


On one hand, I definitely "light sprinkle" all the time, but on the other, it just feels super redundant. Do francophones usually use "un peu de crachin" or is it also seen as redundant?

June 22, 2018


DL rejected just a little shower. In my experience, sprinkle and shower are used rather interchangeably in English. Arguably a shower is heavier than a sprinkle. What is the word for rain shower in French?

June 23, 2018

  • 1865

They are different, actually. A rain shower consists of drops of rain, whereas a drizzle is a type of precipitation formed by very fine droplets, essentially imperceptible as "drops" of rain.

March 2, 2019


I tried 'It's just a spot of drizzle' - as we would say in these parts. They obviously don't have spots of drizzle in France, however.

September 24, 2019


or 'a bit of drizzle', evidently

October 1, 2019


Can someone (perhaps from the US) please tell me what a sprinkle is? We may use a sprinkler to water the garden in the UK; I have no knowledge of the word with regard to weather. Drizzle is the kind of rain that you can't hear against your window as it is so fine, but can get you very wet. I understand that crachin is the same but duo didn't accept it. Is this a UK vs US thing?

October 8, 2019


Sprinkling would be regular-sized raindrops, but pretty spread out. A light rain; one that gives you hope that the cloud might give up in a few minutes. Usually if a weather system is passing through or when you're on the edge of the raininess.

October 31, 2019


'Sprinkle' (a very light rain, a bit more than drizzle) is used in American English- used either as a noun or verb.

November 3, 2019


And it is short-lived. A drizzle can go on all day long, but a sprinkle passes quickly; it's a very light rain shower.

November 7, 2019


I had never heard of a sprinkle used in this way before!

September 24, 2019


C'est = "this is" was marked wrong. Why?

October 26, 2019


"this is just a little drizzle" - rejected. If it's wrong I'd appreciate someone saying why? Deepl gives "It's just a little bit of drizzle," while Google gives " It's just a little drizzle".

November 29, 2019


I seem to think "small" should be accepted here as well as "little".

September 5, 2019


I've never heard of 'a little sprinkle' when talking about the weather. I put 'It's just a bit of drizzle' which was not accepted. Reported.

October 9, 2019


Sprinkle is not a term on common use in the uk, shower or drizzle. Definitely not sprinkle

October 22, 2019


Yes, you Brits should definitely report this. By the way I learned the term "a sharp shower" from tv weather reports in England. We don't have that term in the US, at least not in my region.

November 7, 2019


Shower is much more common than 'sprinkle' . And sprinkle tends to ba an active verb, as in I sprinkle something over something. Hundreds and thousands on ice cream are called sprinkle spronkle in my house.

November 12, 2019


Sprinkle? We say a bit of drizzle in English. Oh dear!

November 12, 2019


My answer "it is just a BIT sprinkle" was refused and corrected to " it is just a LITTLE sprinkle". I understand that duo cannot apply all correct answers, but refusing " a bit" and insisting on using "a little" is really ridiculous.

November 28, 2019


It is just a bit of a drizzle. Got marked incorrect. Really??

December 3, 2019


in the full-sized Collins Robert French English dictionary the only translation for crachin is drizzle. Like some others, I would say 'a bit of drizzle' - drizzle but this was rejected. A little drizzle or sprinkle sounds a bit weird.

December 9, 2019
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