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French movies?

Hey! Does anyone know any (family friendly) french movies I could watch to help me learn french?


April 24, 2018



Try editing your post and changing the topic from "Spanish" to "French" and you'll have better luck ;-)


Ah thanks! I didn't realize I had forgotten to change it! :D


Amélie! I also like rewatching my favourite animated Disney movies in French, since I already know the story by heart it is really easy to follow along.


La famille suricate (Meerkat Manor in English)

Genesis, as well as every other film by Claude Nuridsany

If you are looking for animated:

Kirikou et la sorcière
Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes
Kirikou et les bêtes sauvages
Kirikou découvre les animaux d'Afrique

Princes et princesses (silhouette animation)

Le Château ambulant is also very enjoyable (Japanese animé dubbed in French)

Pourquoi j'ai mangé pas mon père


Please check this post https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1896184/I-m-looking-for-french-movies-with-french-subtitles. You will see related discussions on the right with a lot of information.

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