"You understand this woman because she has a young cat."

Translation:Tu comprends cette femme car elle a un jeune chat.

April 24, 2018

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Is this because they both speak a little Catalan?


Parlez vous anglais? Non, je parle de chat


"Vous comprenez cette femme car elle a un jeune chat" is also correct.


What is the difference between "car" and "parce que" they both mean "because", right?


Merci beaucoup. This has been driving me crazy!


I thought rhat adjectives went after the noun. Can someone explain?


Some adjectives go before the noun and others go after.
Examples of those that go before (BANGS):
Beauty (joli,beau)
Age (jeune, vieux)
Number (un, deux)
Goodness (bon, mauvais)
Size (petit, grand)

The adjectives that do not fit in these categories go after. There are a few exceptions, but this is a good general rule. (colors, shapes, origin, material, type, etc.)

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I don't understand this sentence because I don’t' have a cat. This sentence should be removed. At least have sentences that a person would possibly use in real life. "Tu comprends cette femme car elle est jeune." ... that makes sense....


I wrote "vous comprenez ça femme car elle a un jeune chat".

Why is "ça" marked incorrect? Because "femme" is feminine singular?


Ça is a pronoun that replaces a noun. What you need for this sentence is a possessive adjective.
ce, cet, cette are possessive adjectives meaning "this" or "that."

cette femme → this/that woman
ce garçon → this/that boy
cet homme → this/that man (note that "cet" is used in front of words beginning in a vowel sound)
ces gens → these/those people


I wrote: Vous comprenez cette femme parce qu'elle une jeune chatte, but this was marked wrong. Can anybody tell me why?

Nevermind, I realised I did not use the word 'a'.


Not even going to question this...


Is it okay to use parce-que instead of car?


Parce qu' (two words) yes. Car and parce que are often interchangeable.


vous comprenez cette femme car elle a un jeune chat

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