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  5. "Ils mangent un peu de pain."

"Ils mangent un peu de pain."

Translation:They eat a little bread.

April 24, 2018



why not 'a bit of bread'?


This translation is just unnecessarily confusing. Should be a "a little bit of bread"


Little bit requires the french word for little; petit

Un petit peu.

For English translations of just peu, a bit is the number one choice, IMO, and 'a little' next best. (Not as a literal translation but as such a commonly used word in English carrying the same meaning.)


they eat a bit of bread. Why is this wrong. un peu is a bit. Americans eat a bit of everything, constantly, that's why some of us are fluffy.


they eat a small amount of bread? Nope.


The audio sounds like the singular verson, how can you tell if its plural


You can't, "il mange" and "ils mangent" are homophones.

The same applies to "elle/elles" and to all verbs with an infinitive ending in -er in the present tense.


I really hate how they introduce systems and rules and then right when you think you understand it they pull the rug from under your feet and make you feel like a complete idiot. It's quite infuriating.


Maybe this sentence is actually talking about a little bread, like a dinner roll is a little bread, and a baguette is a big bread? But, wouldn't that be petit? not peu?


Yes, if you consider "bread" as a countable noun, "a little bread" would be "un petit pain".


Thank you. I still don't understand why "a bit of bread" is wrong.


Why do people say things like "je parle un peu français?" Seems like we'd need to say ...un peu DE français.


The most common is "un peu français", followed by "un peu le français". "Un peu de français" is correct but unusual.

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