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300 days / 50,000xp

In listening to Macron today I could only understand snippets of information. I expected as much, but I cannot help feeling a sense of frustration at the same time. In another 365, I expect to gain significant improvement from this point. Happy learning to all, and have a wonderful day!

April 24, 2018



English is my first language, but I live my day to day life in French. Even though I grew up around French at various points in life, I had lost a lot of my fluency by the time I moved to this environment. IMO Duolingo will only take you so far in becoming a fluent listener, which is the most challenging part of learning a new language. Starting with some children's programs can be a good idea, because they tend to speak more slowly and clearly. You really need to spend an hour or two a day minimum completely immersed to become a fluent listener. The good news is there are many videos available on YouTube and such. Wish you the best with your learning.


It's going to sound weird but there's a French version of Sesame Street called 5 Rue Sesame. It's got 100+ episodes and anything geared towards young children is going to be easier to understand than adult programs. My suggestion is start with something like that and get into the practice of listening every day.


thanks! Sesame st was my favorite show, i definitely want to see this


Duolingo is a great tool but it should only be one slice of the language learning pie.

Increase you immersion in the language and you will see it improve in leaps and bounds:

  1. Practice speaking by skyping with native speakers. You can easily find native speakers on language exchange apps such as HelloTalk or Tandem, or tutors on iTalki.

  2. Use other language learning resources such as podcasts (eg. Coffee Break French), youtube videos (eg. Learn French with Alexa), and other apps (eg. Memrise)

  3. Listen, read, and watch native speakers. Tunein.com lets you access live-streamed radio in any county, read comics such as Asterix and Obelix in French, watch cartoons or movies dubbed in French, watch the trending videos in France on youtube


Don't get discouraged.

Keep in mind that while most consider French to be the same difficulty as Spanish or Dutch (see the link below) , in terms of listening comprehension IMO French is far harder than other similar languages due to silent letters on the ends of nearly every word.


Based on the chart in the link, I'd put listening comprehension in French in category two (or even three....as I find German easier to comprehend than French due to the lack of silent letters). French sounds beautiful, but its elegance comes at the expense of comprehension.

Try Duolingo stories or listening to French news channels on Youtube.

[deactivated user]

    I enjoy watching the french news: France24 The key is to set the speed, vitesse, to a slower rate. At 75 I understand a lot because I'm a native spanish speaker.

    Clicking "la chaine en direct" gives live news programming and clicking journal provides a program that summarizes the world news of the day, not just french new. It's a lot like CNN world news.


    this was interesting for me too! I will try and watch it again!

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