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  5. "yajbe' torgh."

"yajbe' torgh."

Translation:Torg does not understand.

April 24, 2018



Notice that in Klingon his name is torgh, but the English is Torg. A lot of Klingon names are spelled differently in English, and this can be annoying. Sorry about that. But he's not tork, torch, tord or torq in either language.


This language is like icelandic


This phrase might end up being useful in real life situations.


Later, you'll even learn how to say "I don't understand you."

Though even in the first unit, you'll learn nuqjatlh? which is probably even more direct. "Huh? What did you say?"


I don't know about this language. Is it real? Where is it from?


Depends how you want to define "real". This language was created for the fictional race of Klingons from the Star Trek TV shows and movies. They hired a linguist to create it and it has a complete grammar and large vocabulary. Though it is invented (or constructed) most linguists view it as a functional and real language. However it has no native speakers and it's expansion is still quite artificial. There are some people who are fluent in the language and many of them have proved that it is possible to function speaking only Klingon for extended periods. Perhaps it is not a practical language, since it won't help you speak with a native culture and only in very rare cases can help you get a job. Many of the best speakers already speak multiple natural languages and for those that don't already speak multiple languages it can be a wonderful introduction to how learning a foreign language works. It is a fascinating language and can be a fun hobby. Please check it out!


Why can I not access Basics? Starting with these phrases makes no sense.


Those types of Basic sentences can get quite boring very quickly, so we tried to give you some more interesting phrases to memorize from the start. I'm not sure it worked as well as we hoped, but the current version of the course is set. We will probably make some changes when we update the course, but that's going to take a while. In the meantime, I do hope you are reading the Tips & Notes which can help with understanding the grammar as you go along. Duolingo has hidden the Tips & Notes so I want to make sure you know about them and where to find them. If you have not been reading the Tips & Notes, I would like to ask that you review those.

If you are doing the course on iOS or Android, you cannot currently access the Tips & Notes through the app. To access the Tips & Notes, you will have to access the course using a web browser at https://www.duolingo.com/. You can still do it on your mobile device, but you will have to use the web browser instead of the app (or you can do it from a computer). When you click on a Skill, it will expand to reveal a large Start button, a small key button, and a large Tips button.

If you click on the Tips button it will reveal the Tips & Notes and give you a detailed explanation of the grammar that is introduced in that Skill. If you have questions after reading the Tips & Notes for any Skills, we are happy to answer your questions, but many of your questions will probably already be answered in the Tips & Notes.


"Torg" and "Mara" are Klingon names.


I do not understand


yajbe' JACOBSTAGG3. What don't you understand?

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