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  5. "wej maSopchoHpu'."

"wej maSopchoHpu'."

Translation:We have not started to eat yet.

April 24, 2018



Wej not requiring a negative verb is very difficult for me.


Yes, Klingon is not a negative concord language.

Remember that wej is an adverbial, not a negative. It tells you something about how the verb is performed. In this case, we have a verb maSopchoHpu' we have begun to eat. In what manner have we begun to eat? Not yet.


Thank you. I'm so used to agglutinating languages being negative concord languages that I did not even think of it in those terms.


I recognize some of the words you used. But only some.


I feel your pain!


Thank you, and the rest of the Klingon team, actually, for all the patient hand holding.


This makes me think of a possible Klingon sentence. "I have not yet begun to fight" spoken in 1776 by John Paul Jones, a tough son of a gun and a heck of a warrior even by Klingon standards. He once ran a mutineer through with a sword, which seems a very Klingon way to handle the situation.

(There is a good very short biography at https://allthingsliberty.com/2015/01/the-real-immortal-words-of-john-paul-jones/) From this source, the origin of the quote is explained thusly:

"In the middle of a battle that he was losing, with his ship sinking and burning, guns wrecked, and half his crew dead or wounded, John Paul Jones had a chance to surrender that any normal person (shall we substitute Human?) would have taken. Instead, Jones told his opponent to go hug a mainmast."

I think this guy is a Klingon in spirit and deserves a sentence here.

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