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"These are the ideas that we thought of yesterday."

Translation:Ce sont les idées auxquelles nous avons pensé hier.

April 24, 2018



I wrote "Ce sont les idées que nous avons pensées hier." and didn't accept. Why It is wrong?


The verb "penser" needs the preposition "à": penser à quelque chose = to think of/about something.

"que" is the relative pronoun when there is a direct object:

  • Ce sont les idées que nous avons eues hier.

When the preposition is "à", "que" needs to be changed to "auquel, à laquelle, auxquels, auxquelles".

Because the relative pronoun refers to "les idées", feminine plural, you need "auxquelles" to represent it.

  • Ce sont les idées auxquelles nous avons pensé hier.

In this case, "pensé" remains invariable since there is no direct object preceding the verb.


Thank you very much!


My dictionary has both transitive and intransitive usage of penser and I found in other threads that penser is used as a transitive verb. When should I use it as transitive vs intransitive?


Transitive: Je pense la même chose que toi = I think the same as you.

Intransitive 1: Je pense à mes amis = I think of/about my friends

Intransitive 2: Je pense du bien de lui = I think well of him.

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