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"A lovely and sunny garden is so pleasant!"

Translation:Un joli jardin ensoleillé est si agréable !

April 24, 2018



I might be missing something but it seems that and in the English sentence has no equivalent in the French one.


No, it does not because one of the adjectives (joli) is placed before the noun and the other one (ensoleillé) after .

If "joli" were not an irregular adjective (from the Beauty part in BANGS), with two regular adjectives, you would need "et":

  • Un jardin calme et ensoleillé

Yet, if you had two irregular adjectives, you would not need "et":

  • Un joli petit jardin


Thank you, Sitesurf, for the clarification! It answers the question of why the French sentence wouldn't have "et".

Yet it's not entirely clear why the English one has "and". Does the French one has a sort of implied "et" or something? Or is it essentially "a lovely sunny garden"?


I think that if you don't use "and" in English, you should use a comma, "a lovely, sunny garden".

In the case of "un joli petit jardin", the "et" is implied.
To be frank with you, I don't know why, since with 2 regular adjectives (after the noun), you need "et".


I see. Thanks, that's clear enough.


I totally agree


un jardin joli et ensoleille...?


There was no word for AND. I put "Un joli, ensoleille Jardin est si agreable." A lovely, sunny garden is so nice." What is wrong with that?


« Joli » has to come before « jardin » because it is a part of the BANGS acronym, but « ensoleillé » has to come after because it is a regular adjective.


Un jardin adorable et ensoleillé est tellement agréable was not accepted. Duolingo doesn't allow any alternative translations at time. It's Duolingo's way or highway!

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