I'm not really understanding the use of the verb "connaitre" in french. some examples of its use could help? thanks!

April 24, 2018


Connaître is a verb specifically reserved for talking about familiarity with a certain concept, thing, or person, but not for actions (this job is reserved for "savoir").

As a rule of thumb, if you have to say the words "how to" in the sentence translated to English, you should not use connaître. Like I said, connaître is used only for objects, whereas savoir is used for actions.

Je te connais = I know you Correct

Je connais cuisiner = I know how to cook INCorrect

In the first example, the object of connaître is "you." This works because you are an object, a concept, or a thing.

As for the second sentence, we cannot use connaître because "cuisiner" is an action, not any object, concept, or thing.

If you need further explanation, please ask :)

Actually, if you watch the video I shared, you will see the exceptions to the rule. :)

oh sorry im not allowed to watch youtube.. :(

If there is someone who can watch it with you for you to be able to see the video, it would be worth your time. :) The rule does work the majority of the time, though.

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