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"Ella está tomando café ahora."

Translation:She is drinking coffee now.

March 23, 2013



One "takes" tea in the afternoon, surely one could also be taking coffee


"Taking" should definitely be accepted.


This is a case of language convention. I daresay that unlikely as it is that a Briton would "have tea", it's equally unlikely that an American would "take coffee"!


Well, Americans do take a coffee to go from Starbucks!


We actually do 'take a coffee' in the morning. I guess it's just another difference between english english and american english.


Although, we do "take" cream and/or sugar in our coffee if we're not "having" it black!


sigh - just when you think you understand a word definition...


still not changed 04/23/2016


not changed 6/24/2016


why will it not accept, "taking" a coffee when that is one of the definitions offered? I know that "taking a coffee" is an unlikely sentence, but this site is full of unlikely sentences!


In Spanish it it very common to hear tomar used for drinking.


Especially in Mexico. "Beber" is more common in Spain but "tomar" is used a lot there too.


To say "taking" coffee is not unusual at all. I hear it all the time when a host or hostess asks..."Are you taking coffee?" But we would never say that with alcohol..."Do you want a beer?" would be preferred over "Will you take,,"..


Yes, it can be frustrating!


I wrote "having coffee", which we say in English. Had the Spanish word been "bebiendo", I'd have translated "drinking". I'm reporting the error, but won't hold my breath waiting for a correction. Notice that rspreng offers examples of the commonly used "have" in English. I would add that this is not usage found only in bars, but in all situations referring to any type of drink.


I've never heard of tomar meaning to drink until I came to this website. I always thought it meant to take....


It is widely used for 'to drink.' Very widely. In a restaurant you'll likely be asked what you're taking rather than drinking, as a USA bartender will ask "What'll ya have?" and we often say "I had a beer" rather than "I drank a beer"


ahhh that makes sense. thank you :)


I wonder why the answer is in the past, “had“, “drank“.
“I‘ll have a beer“ (?)


In Australia we take a coffee to go, but we don't take a coffee to drink it. But i guess that's language convention for you.


I'm just wondering why when they are putting two verbs side by side they are still conjugating the second verb. In college I was told that using the English equivalent (ing) isn't very common in Spanish. Native speakers, I was told don't do that often and when I've listen to Native speakers very seldom to I hear them use gerunds. Instead they leave the second verb in the infinitive form and it can still mean the English equivalent to ing. For example: Ella esta (con accento sobre a) tomar café (accento sobre e) ahora also means: She is drinking coffee now. Just food for thought. I guess the reason we are learning this is because we are learning about gerunds. :)


The second verb is a present participle (gerundio) and not a conjugated form. http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-spanish-verb-tomar.html

I heard they often use the present instead of the present progressive. I have not seen the form you are showing with "está". For the future the progressive is also not very used and that is where I have seen the infinitive used more with "ir a" as in "Ella va a tomar café." http://spanish.about.com/cs/grammar/a/progressive.htm


What is the difference between tomando and bebiendo?!?!


Can "She is drinking coffee now" not be translated as "Ella ya está tomando café". "ya" does not only mean "already" it also means a change from the past to the present like the word "now".


I do not grasp why DL uses bebiendo and sometime tomando!! They use both for drinking. It wouldn't matter if they marked both correct, but I always seem to choose the one they don't want. Can anyone explain the difference to me?


I agree She is taking coffee now should be accepted. Bad DL....... go take a coffee break!


Still not accepted 04/26/17


Still not accepting "taking" coffee ... though people "take" coffee all the time on a break at work, even when they're not drinking any coffee.


taking was my answer ,would drinking not be bebiendo?.


I answered "She is drinking coffee now and I got it wrong. What gives?


Ok, none of these are Gerunds by are progressive tenses. Ah Duo!


Oh come on Duo. I'm in Spain now and the waitress confirms here they say taking a coffee. It may be different in Latin America, but here - in Spain - to take and to drink are absolutely interchangeable - in relation to having a coffee.


Not changed 4/10/2017


What is most frustrating is that this sentence uses "tomando" which literally is taking or drinking. I would be less critical if it used "bebiendo". And we use drinking and taking interchangeably. 14/10/2017


Entire lessons telling you that "tomando" is good to use as "drinking", then you put "drinking" here and it's an error...


"She is having coffee now" is correct per dulingo then why not use teniendo?


Wtf?! DL is telling me to Type what you hear, in Spanish and I'm typing what I hear in Spanish, perfectly correctly, and it is not accepting what I am typing?!So frustrating! Have done the same sentence over and over! Am I going mad, or is there a bug in this software?


Taking should definitely be allowed!

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