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Resetting French Tree?

I am thinking of resetting my French tree because I want the new tree and am getting impatient with waiting. If I reset my tree, will I get the new French tree, or is there a chance I will still have the older version? Thanks!

April 24, 2018



nope the only way to get the new tree is to either wait for it OR make a new account. If you do that before you make the account make sure that you have the new tree before you sign up, or you can just keep signing up until you get the new tree.


Thanks for the advice! I don’t want to make a whole new account, because I have all my other courses...so I guess I will have to wait. (Though I may reset it anyways because I am a bit obsessive about colours with the colour coded update I just want everything to match and it will probably be easier to reset and keep all the basic skills green or blue.)


Yes, I think you should wait. I'm also impatiently waiting for the new tree, but I would certainly not reset anything.

In German, we have a saying "Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude!" (Approximately: Joyful anticipation is the most beautiful kind of joy).

And we are experiencing this beautiful joy. ;-)


Does anybody know the time scale for switching everybody over to the new tree? Can we expect it any day now, one of these months, or someday when we're old and gray? (OK, older and grayer.) Or is it still being tested?

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