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  5. "Je connais le garçon."

"Je connais le garçon."

Translation:I know the boy.

March 23, 2013



"Je connais le garçon" and "Je connais les garçons" would sound exactly the same. Is there a way that I can tell if he is saying "the boys" or "the boy" when I'm listening?


Actually, for garçon/garçons there is no telling which one is, but for "le" and "les" there is a way: in "le" the vowel sounds more closed, whereas in "les" it sounds more open.


From the audio, I've noticed le sounds like luh and les sounds like leh. Would be correct?


NO, "le" is pronounced LEUH and "les" is pronouced LEH


connaitre vs savoir, Je connais le garcon mais je ne peux pas sais le garcon. Would this not translate to I know the boy but I do not know the boy? Are they always synonyms or is their use mutually exclusive in what context?


What's the difference between je sais and he connais


For people and places, please use "connaître" (= to be familiar with)

For hard facts (lessons, dates...) please use "savoir".

To know how to do something = savoir faire quelque chose.


I wrote "I am acquainted with the boy" and was marked wrong. The mouse-over translation of connais includes "am acquainted with" as a legitimate translation! What the heck?

Moreover, the "correction" said "I am familiar with the boy" is acceptable. Well then why isn't "am familiar with" on the mouse-over translation? These sorts of things really irritate me as a user!


I use the KISS rule in DL. Keep It Simple Stupid. Try to use the first hint DL gives you, if you go for more obscure translations you always risk a heart. Bad luck.


Is "I know the guy" wrong?


yes, it is wrong, because "boy" = garçon

"guy" = gars (pronounced GA)


why not "I know the waiter"!!! Garcon can be both waiter and boy!!


garçon to mean waiter is a very rude and old terms. it's like having a slave or calling your servant 'peasant' is very rude and old. you just don't do that nowadays.


Question: If someone were to tell me something that I already knew about, and I wanted to reply with "I know," is "Je connais" an acceptable answer? Or should I just say "Je sais" which also means I know? Or is both correct?


It will depend of what you know.

  • Tu connais cette personne ? - Oui, je la connais.
  • Je suis allé à Toulouse, tu connais ? - Oui, je connais.

  • Tu sais parler anglais ? - Oui, je sais.

  • Tu sais ta leçon ? - Oui, je la sais


how would you say "i know that boy?"


Je connais ce garçon(-là).


when i speak and wait for the answer, the answer shows that what i spoke was wrong. i don't understand if we have to talk in english or french. please quarify this doubt of mine. i'm too young to know stuff about computers.


You just have to read the instructions on your screen. In any event, since you are learning French, you will be requested to speak in French, never in English.


Why isn't it je sais


For people and places, please use "connaître".

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