"But you have an idea, don't you?"

Translation:Aber du hast eine Ahnung, oder nicht?

April 24, 2018



I believe using only "oder" is more idiomic than "oder nicht"

June 30, 2018


True! You get a lingot from me for knowing that.

December 29, 2018


Warum "du hast eine idee, oder?" wird nicht akzeptiert?

April 24, 2018


Hast du 'Aber' geschrieben?

Ich denke, mit 'Aber' ist dein Satz eine mögliche Übersetzung.

Außerdem: 'idea' kann 'die Ahnung' oder 'die Idee' bedeuten. Aber 'die Ahnung' und 'die Idee' sind keine Synonyme im Deutschen. Und das Idiom 'no idea' heißt 'keine Ahnung' auf Deutsch. Vielleicht ist das der Grund, aus dem dein Satz nicht akzeptiert wurde.

April 24, 2018


why isn't the verb on the 2nd position? i have learned so far that the verb is either on 2nd position or at the end of a sentence.

June 8, 2018


Aber is one of the conjunctions that doesn't "take up" first position, i.e. it's treated as though it's not there. So for example you say, "Ich mag Tennis aber ich hasse Badminton" and NOT "ich mag Tennis aber hasse ich Badminton". There are in fact a few other conjunctions like this, some of which will be familiar to you, and you can remember them with ADUSO: Aber, Denn, Und, Sondern, Oder. Note that "denn" in this conjunctive form is rather rare, so you shouldn't need to worry so much about that, and I also don't tend to see "sondern" used with a verb, so again, not too many worries about that.


Ich bin hungrig aber ich habe keine Zeit etwas zu essen.

Ich bin hungrig und ich habe Durst.

Ich esse einen Apfel oder ich trinke Orangensaft

October 3, 2018


Aber du hast eine Ahnung. Nicht wahr??

June 9, 2018


Of course. That is also correct. For that I will give you a lingot.

December 29, 2018


If it's meant to be ironically, you can also say: Hast du eine Ahnung! (A lot you know!)

May 24, 2019

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Does in this sentence "Anhung" refers to something specific ("but you have an idea/but you know about what we were discussing") and/or can also mean a more generic idea (as in "but you have a new idea you want to present/discuss")?

June 29, 2019


"Die Ahnung" only has the meaning of "knowing what is going on". A more generic idea as you describe it would better be expressed by "die Idee" or "der Einfall".

June 29, 2019

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Perfect, thanks!

June 29, 2019
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