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Fonts became TOO SMALL

In your latest update of April 24(for me)in my German course,the fonts(lettering)became so small,it is hardly readable any more.Why make this unnecessary change?

April 24, 2018



Do you work in the web version? I can make the font larger by pressing "CTRL" together with the "+" sign. And smaller with "CTRL" with "-".


If it's on the computer, you could try zooming in on the screen to see if that helps.


I use my iPad mini(4)and it would not be practical to change ALL the fonts.I must emphasize,that before this newest update,and some other fonts even in the German course(!)are the same,only the text the student has to translate became very small(ant size!).It was fine before!And thanks to all who commented!I can change font size on my computer,but this is a mini iPad!

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