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  5. "Which cake are you ordering?"

"Which cake are you ordering?"

Translation:Quel gâteau commandez-vous ?

April 24, 2018



I also wrote 'Quel gâteau est-ce qui tu commandes' and had it marked wrong. I think it is correct. In spoken French est-ce-que is contracted so much it sounds like one syllable so it doesn't sound wordy.


Quel gateau est-ce que (tu/vous) (commandes/commandez) I think not only should be correct but is the formal way of saying it, isn't it?


I tried "Quel gâteau est-ce que tu commandes ?" I thought that est-ce que was acceptable for one-syllable interrogative adjectives but not for two-syllable ones. My response might be too wordy, but is it technically correct?


It is too wordy. Adding est-ce que, you are really asking something akin to "Which cake is it that you are ordering?"


Ha! Since when does French care about being too wordy!?


Lequel should also be accepted; indeed the English to be translated is given as which cake are you ordering and not what cake are you ordering.

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